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for Just Me

6/5/2012 c1 14sparklevamp
This is too sad! It makes me want to give you a hug! D:
9/20/2011 c1 145DarkShadow2012
How can people be just like me,

for we share so much in common.

Overjoy with happiness,

yet saddness in its mist.

we're both messed up

just like me.

I absolutely love your poem by the way. i felt like writing something in response. (its horrible, i know)

Love it, love you, keep on typing it up.

9/5/2011 c1 71Subbie
Hey. Really, really love this poem, because I feel like it's just so true. Well, half the time. The other half I tend to pick people who are just as screwed up as I am - so I comfort them, too.
9/3/2011 c1 2RayBansandSkittles
I love this. This describes me so well also.

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