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1/29/2017 c26 aynaarah
I like this story more and more.. I certainly like the way you architect the happenings, the settings..
1/8/2016 c13 Guest
kuma & kimi... definitely team rocket
1/6/2014 c8 The Orange Cow
Go get em, tiger.
1/5/2014 c5 The Orange Cow
I'm wondering if the group are actually pirates.
1/5/2014 c4 The Orange Cow
I wonder how they came across that ship?
1/5/2014 c3 The Orange Cow
Good guests don't break their host's windows!
1/4/2014 c2 The Orange Cow
For some reason this reminds me of Farscape. I miss that show.
1/4/2014 c1 The Orange Cow
Looks interesting!
7/7/2012 c26 Guest
Great ending! Love it!
7/7/2012 c25 Guest
Quite Good!
7/7/2012 c1 Guest
wtf you cant just change a characters name 1/2 way through the story, let alone 2 of them.

and seriously as dark as this book is why didnt you just write 100,000 words about torturing children and small animals? very disappointing after the 1st book being so good.
11/8/2011 c26 CnConrad
Great story.

There were a handful of pacing issues, a few things that didn't make much sense, and a little to heavy on the DBZ tribute. (goku + gohan = Gokan) :)

I usually am pretty harsh I'm my reviews but this story was so enjoyable it was easy to forget any problems I saw.

Pm me if you want any complaints broken down.
11/4/2011 c18 CnConrad
Wow, I have to say you have stepped it up. This story started slow but showed a little bit of promise so I desided to give it a chance. I am happy I did. The whole thing is done very well. You have a very fluid writing style. It flows very cleanly and is a pleasure to read.

All the characters show some depth, which is a hard thing to manage.

My only problem is that Trey seems a little Bi-Polar. Unless that is what you are going for.


This story seems like a mix of: DBZ, Xam'ed, Firefly, starwars, weth a touch of mass effect and I like it. :)
11/2/2011 c6 CnConrad
Ryu is suppose to be a saiyan isn't he.

Great book so far. Only real complaint is no real connection to the main character.

Great story though.
11/1/2011 c3 CnConrad
To tell the truth I'm pretty picky in my reviews but there really isn't any flaws I can point out. So, nice chapter.
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