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11/1/2011 c2 CnConrad
Ok first off...

Great descriptions of the characters but dang did you have to introduce that many completely random and different characters at once? They will be hard to follow.

The "good" guys seem a little OP and a little too friendly to a complete stranger. That and they all speak English...

Other than that this was a good follow up chapter 2
11/1/2011 c1 CnConrad
Pretty nice start. Other than the over use of descriptions in the opening and Trey being a little over emo it was a very good start to a book.

I just really hope this whole book does not turn out to be a dream because he hit his head.

Looking forward to the next chapter.
9/20/2011 c26 6Van Quatra
oh my god, this is pure excellance. i have never had so much fun reading a story since ever, it wqas awesome you brought this back. Alpha is gonna rock i know it and the 3rd will also i just know it. great job and i mean grean damn job.
9/8/2011 c1 FreedomFighterLance
Hmmm... the name changes will take some getting used to. But hey, at least I get to re-read this again! lol
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