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4/24/2013 c17 Demon Chic 101
Hey. I like it. Buuuuuut the chapters are beyond short. As in one chapter cn be quarter of one in an average length story. To the point that if it was all put together it could be a long oneshot. And there's another problem too.
See its unbelievable. Yes the both feel guilty bt nt a lot of ppl remember what happened in highschool and even if they did they would never remember it everyday like emily is doing. Maybe if the thoughts of joe came when she saw sam and the striking resemblance or even when she saw him. Same goes to johnathan. You have to add more depth to it not jst the important parts and also making john a cheater? That's like the oldest trick in the book of making someone disapear in the plot. Be creative.
And please don't be mad at me. I tend to be blunt sometimes and if this offend you...sory. Bt know that I wouldn't have bothered writing all this if I didn't think you were worth it. I like, this book. How its written especially. Keep it up.
P.s I knw you're probably tired of hearing this bt I'm sry abt your mom. She'll be in my prayers wherever she is.
5/13/2012 c2 36Miyano Ran
looking forward to what this is :))
5/10/2012 c17 Guest
So cute, I really loved this:) wonderful job!
5/8/2012 c17 1lydies11
well im just glad there was a happy ending. :) \

you should really put your stories on Wattpad instead, its more safe... and its a more popular website. And the watty awards are coming up! really you should try it.
5/8/2012 c17 10Nami98

that is SO sweet!
5/3/2012 c16 7JaseCD
Really cute:) as usual I loved it!
5/2/2012 c16 1lydies11
omy god. are you serious they're just gonna get married! I feel something dramatic should happen, they cant have a perfect lovey-dovey relationship! im kinda upset, that they're not fighting.
5/2/2012 c16 10Nami98



(Hah, see what I did there?)

This is...this is... :'D

I cant believe its over! WOW! just...wow. oustanding job on the ending, i absolutely love it! its so cute x3
4/29/2012 c15 7JaseCD
Ahh! He kissed her! Another excellent chapter:) good job!
4/27/2012 c15 1lydies11
oh my gosh! that was so sweet! but so sad! i cant decide. i think joe still has a lot to pay to emily. Just one kiss isnt enough.
4/27/2012 c15 10Nami98
Thats all i can say x3
4/27/2012 c14 Nami98



4/27/2012 c14 7JaseCD
Heyy:) this chapter was really good and Jonathan DID have that coming:P cant wait to read more, though. Keep up the good work!
4/26/2012 c14 5poopforbrains
Beautiful chapter! (: More please! And longer, too. (:
4/24/2012 c13 10Nami98
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