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9/16/2011 c1 Zero Serenity
You know, you have a very good point. I'm kinda big around the middle, but with middle range pants it's not so bad, for both the front and the rear. (i r chubby, there b more of me to love. LOVE IT) and yeah, i have to use a belt with pants because they sit wrong and fall off my arse. and arses hanging out? not cool. it is called plumber's crack (no offense meant) and means you need to pull your pants up, people. }=/

i will check out your page for info =)
9/15/2011 c1 7Ruriko3
This was brilliantly written :) I absolutely love the humor here...XD
9/15/2011 c1 18ZaXo Ken'Ichi
Wow, the wit you use in this 'essay' is phenomenal. It's such an interesting rant, and that's saying something because I'm a guy, so I don't have any experience with this problem, and therefore don't actually care either way. I even agree to a certain extent about the look that type of pants give, though I believe that it's largely because of the way many women choose to wear pants like that; not necissarily the pants themselves. I like a more... modest look, but I don't think there's anything wrong with a girl showing off her figure. Then again, like I said... I'm a guy, so I don't exactly know. Wait... how does this pertain to a review? Umm.

This makes me want to rant about how scared I am that every pair of pants for males will eventually end up uber tight, like skaters wear (THE HORROR!). So uncomfortable. But I digress.

Anyway, I really enjoyed this :)
9/15/2011 c1 Alyxandra Lore
hah! I was afraid I was the only one who thought that! The world is sooo messed up. Lol
9/14/2011 c1 9Corinna Tate
I like the roulette of clicking the "Just in" category. Yours was the top of the list, it looked funny, and the summary was literate - you're three for three!

I love the quandary in the beginning. It takes a certain body type to not only wear low-rise jeans, but to look good in them. Add to that those skinny jeans as well. I think all those stores at the mall order from the same warehouse. Love the reference to unicorns and gremlins.

Okay, my only quibble is that this doesn't really sound like it's fiction. Unless you're writing a first person fic and just wanted to get her voice right, this sounds like it's your own voice (as your Author's Notes indicate)

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