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5/28/2017 c45 3LucyRowanVictoria
5/28/2017 c44 LucyRowanVictoria
Just for the record, if you kill anyone from my favorites list, the chances are not good that I will continue…
5/28/2017 c43 LucyRowanVictoria
Victor, CASSI, Janet and Eddie are my favorite characters. In that order.
5/28/2017 c42 LucyRowanVictoria
I'm sorry you had such an awful year, even if it is six years ago…
5/28/2017 c40 LucyRowanVictoria
5/27/2017 c39 LucyRowanVictoria
See? Janet has an awesome sense of humor! Also, CASSI and I would be best friends!
5/27/2017 c38 LucyRowanVictoria
Why don't we ever hear anything about Janet's family?
5/27/2017 c37 LucyRowanVictoria
Now THAT, is a mystery…
makes me wonder if Rage was a diversion…
5/27/2017 c36 LucyRowanVictoria
Why do you continue to leave random violent and ill-intentioned supers, just lying around?
5/27/2017 c35 LucyRowanVictoria
Christmas already?
5/27/2017 c34 LucyRowanVictoria
There's always 'romance' in the air!

And don't worry! Thinking is hard for everyone-except Janet…
5/27/2017 c33 LucyRowanVictoria
How can she miss him already? She knew him less than 12hours!
5/27/2017 c32 LucyRowanVictoria
You actually had a chapter completely devoted to the airplane trip...

I know I'm going to regret this, but what the heck is the Mile-high club?
5/27/2017 c31 LucyRowanVictoria
You have an entire chapter on the Airplane ride?
5/27/2017 c30 LucyRowanVictoria
I'm confused. Why would a PRIEST, say 'sermon', NOT offer a Mass, or be consulted by Melissa at all if she's Baptist?
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