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5/27/2017 c29 3LucyRowanVictoria
I'm still waiting for Meltor...

Can Melissa grow back teeth?!
5/27/2017 c28 LucyRowanVictoria
Oh, please, Sam will be fine! You like him to much to leave him to rot!

What I want to know, is when Invsiboy managed to make so many people invisible?
5/27/2017 c27 LucyRowanVictoria
Oh, yes, very shocking I'm sure!
5/27/2017 c26 LucyRowanVictoria
5/27/2017 c25 LucyRowanVictoria
Victor and Melissa need to kiss and makeup. Preferably sooner than later...
5/27/2017 c24 LucyRowanVictoria
What about Wall? Aren't they going to have him taken in?
5/26/2017 c23 LucyRowanVictoria
What is "edumacation"?
5/26/2017 c22 LucyRowanVictoria
I don't get the chapter nameā€¦
5/26/2017 c21 LucyRowanVictoria
Slight Tangent: I wish Focus would let himself trust Savant more. Just because he doesn't see her physically express emotion, its clear that she has a sense of humur and a sense for other's well-being in addition. Even though she may never joke, her AI as a whopping roaster, and that, I think, should be reflected to Savant. Also, she refused to let the costume shop owner endanger his buisness, something which many people like her wouldn't have cared about nearly half as much. And the first movie she remembers watching was Annie. That says a lot.
5/26/2017 c20 LucyRowanVictoria
You're joking, right? The only one that would serious propose to her would be Victor, and they aren't even serious, or really dating at all. That leaves a staged proposal by Martin...
5/26/2017 c19 LucyRowanVictoria
Oh my gosh, Eddie!
5/26/2017 c18 LucyRowanVictoria
I trust Savant shall do research on this encounter? And/or burn the tome?
5/26/2017 c17 LucyRowanVictoria
I thought Will would be better, but he's really pushing it with me. I can only hope its Martin's bad influence...
5/26/2017 c16 LucyRowanVictoria
Wait! Did martin just fourth wall break?
5/26/2017 c15 LucyRowanVictoria
"No capes!"

Umm, is Doctor Light going to end up as a villian?
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