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12/21/2023 c1 kiki
I Still miss this story. My favortie and never knew the ending ...
7/17/2014 c3 1kikichaka
Missing you
7/24/2013 c4 kikichaka
It is nearly 2 years since you updated this story. I still remember the last scene you wrote last in your first version. What happened to Mary after the incident? And does Connor still like Leah?

Maybe I will never know the answer.

Whatever it is... I am your biggest fan. Hope you are well.
1/5/2013 c1 2Spangled Boots
I used to be a massive fan of this story years ago when you first put it up,I must admit to being gutted when you took it down but I can understand why.i don't know what possessed me to google this then but I'm so pleased I did and that your bringing it back.i can't wait to rediscover it all over again.
7/3/2012 c4 5Author-K-J-Lee
Wow this is different, shame it hasn't been updated in so long :(
4/12/2012 c1 kikichka
Just plain missing you and your story ...
3/12/2012 c4 kikichaka
Gosh ! I miss erase and rewind. How are you doing? Hope everything is fine.

I just reread the 3 chapters again. I think I just like the memory of connor and lea.

Hope god give you the time to finish this story !
12/12/2011 c4 kikichaka
Hi Leila

Hope everything is fine on your side ! Merry christmas and a very happy new year! Hope you will surprises us during these holidays.

With love

11/21/2011 c1 jubilan
I, and I'm certain many others, wait for the next chapters with bated breath.
11/7/2011 c4 jubilan
So pysched that you're reuploading this! Personally, it's one of my favs on this site. you're extremely talented!
10/12/2011 c4 1Karma Ahava
Love this chapter and can't wait to read more. It did feel short for some reason.
10/11/2011 c4 tinpanmiracles
I'm so happy you're reposting this. Thank you!

It was a bit odd to see how different the dynamic between Lee and Connor is when they first meet, but I love how they interact later in the story. Looking forward to it!
10/11/2011 c4 1Miryo
So... we're back in the present now? I'm thinking so.

I liked this chapter a lot, but it felt really short, for some reason. It had me wondering if Mary is still around, or not. With how angry Connor is, I'm kind of thinking not.

I think it was funny how Drew was standing protectively BEHIND her. Doesn't matter how protective you are if you're still behind the person you're trying to protect, so that line made me chuckle a bit.

I'm looking forward to more~
10/11/2011 c3 Miryo
Hm, so Mary and Connor are the good-natured, innocent type suburbanites, whereas Leah's a "big city" girl. This should prove interesting.

Great chapter. I liked how Leah accused Connor of staring at her rear - she really loves getting him worked up and flustered for some reason.

I'm adding this to my alerts, since I want to read the next chapter as soon as it's available. You've got a great setup thus far and I'm curious as to how Leah's going to bring Connor's world crashing down.
10/10/2011 c2 Miryo
Leah's relationship with her grandma was really cute and believable; nicely done with that. I like how she's compliant with being the neighbord baked-goods-delivery-girl, despite, it seems, not being a "good" girl.

Nice introduction of Connor as well.

All throughout this chapter, I really liked the way Leah narrates things. It's quite realistic and not all spazzy and drama-ish, like a lot of first-person stories are.

This was a great chapter. I'm really looking forward to reading more; I already like Leah, Connor, and Leah's grandma (hehe) a lot. You're a very talented author.
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