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for Your Bullet

10/26/2011 c1 26wordsofjade
I love, love this! And I like how you said in your profile that you write about your fears and pain and love...that's what I think poems are for most of the time. ;)
10/2/2011 c1 Blushing.Violett
It's something

I'll never understand

The way we clicked

Like the trigger

Nice twist of metaphor there. ;) I'm likin' this~

And tore through

All my defenses

There's shock, atrocity, audacity-Lots of things I'm hearing within it. Almost... Admiration.

No way I can

Get rid of you

Now you're inside

Like a Viiirus~ -cough- sorry.

Without it, your bullet

Will surely be

The end of me

It's almost like...

The bullet has hit a crucial point in the heart, and, if removed... Results could be fatal. Nice. ;D So you're stuck with it. Live with it. Kind of reminds me of how ingrained love can be at times. You'll go a year and though -you- forget, your sub-conscious never does. It clings onto everything you know and love about them, and for God's sake won't let it go. For anything. ~

Sorry, rambling again. XD Lovely work!
10/2/2011 c1 31HK Shmetty
I am in LOVE with this. Sorry for my creepy enthusiasm, but this is amazing. It just puts it all in a way I was never able to, but I have definitely felt this before. It has great imagery and a great structure as well.

~HK :)

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