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1/8/2021 c13 Lessgo
A story set in this time frame that doesn’t at least touch on violence/gore/strife and hard living isn’t very true to the age, is it? I love the realism, it is the perfect amount. Not over the top Game of Thrones-style but just enough to be real and keep the romance.
I love it - don’t change a thing!
1/8/2021 c14 REGRETABLE
Should I not hold my breath waiting for the update?! Because now I can't waaaiiitttt

Feeling triggered you shared a warning and not a flipping chapter

:) Super excited!
1/3/2021 c13 REGRETABLE
GIRl, this update! I was so excited to get this email!

I'm loving the darker nature of this story - Tara's story has been a rollercoaster, and watching it all unfold has been worth the wait.

Looking forward to your next update - :)
12/30/2020 c13 Guest
This was awesome! Thank you thank you thank you for posting! Yay!
12/29/2020 c13 2vmursili
Glad you've come out of your hiatus! Good to know patience paid off. Keep going! Can't wait to see how this story progresses.
8/31/2020 c12 Lostinthenightra
8/28/2020 c12 REGRETABLE
THIS WAS SO GOOD - I'm very excited to see the next update. So much suspense!

No need to apologize, life happens. :)
10/12/2018 c11 REGRETABLE
Ok, but like - you have to be kidding me. GET YOUR BUTT ON YOUR COMPUTER AND UPDATE. It is not possible to leave the story here. Like, genuinely. I'm mourning the loss of Bowan and Tara super creepy and amazing reassurance Duff wouldn't get what he wanted was just what we needed - but good God, woman! You need to update!

In all seriousness, fantastic story. I love Tara and who she's grown to be. My heart's broken, but you need to update. I love your writing style and your stories. I did see a note regarding someone complaining about the body types of your female characters being very similar, and to be honest, who gives a shit? Your character's personalities and growth are on point. You are fantastic. But only if you come back with an update.
3/13/2016 c11 KarasunoFan
Brilliantly done! I am so crushed about Bowan. For a second there I thought she used 'powers' to light the hut on fire.
3/1/2016 c11 slcjnk2008
Hi Anna, I know I'm jumping the gun, but I am going to be so excited to see how you write the future demise of Douglas and Duff. And on a side note as this is an historical novel, I would not last long in this time period. Women were treated horribly and Tara breaks that mold of being subservient to men. Yea!
2/16/2016 c10 slcjnk2008
Hi Anna, Your authors note at the top of this page is just perfect timing. After finishing the last chapter, I took a small break from reading your story and while on my break I started thinking about how glad I was that you wrote from the historical perspective which places the storyline into context for me. So thank you for all your hard work in researching the historical background for all your stories - Just love'em.
2/16/2016 c9 slcjnk2008
Hi Anna, I think your pacing of this story is spot on and I'm enjoying it very much. I like how Tara and Hugh are becoming closer as your story continues to develop and unfold in its complexity.
2/16/2016 c8 slcjnk2008
Hi Anna. Just dropping a note for you since you had such a year of ups and downs. It's a quote I remembered from Dolly Parton "Find out who you are and do it on purpose". It made me smile at the time, I hope you will too, because you are a great writer with an amazing talent for storytelling.
2/16/2016 c7 slcjnk2008
Hi Anna, I'm glad Tara is beginning to remember and that her gift is returning as well.
2/16/2016 c6 slcjnk2008
I think you are developing your story and characters wonderfully and look forward to the next chapter.
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