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12/16/2012 c43 173Little girl Big world
i really relate to a lot of your poetry. i really enjoy reading it.
12/16/2012 c40 Little girl Big world
very strong emotion held in so few words. very nice.
12/16/2012 c38 Little girl Big world
great poem, it really paints a picture.
12/16/2012 c36 Little girl Big world
this reminds me of a poem i wrote quite awhile back. lies leave the worst aftertaste.
i really like the last stanza.
12/16/2012 c35 Little girl Big world
your words are so simple but so powerful. you know how to use your words well to tell a beautiful, though sad, story.
12/16/2012 c34 Little girl Big world
wow i can relate to this poem so well. the ending is amazing.
8/10/2012 c33 Little girl Big world
I just love the first two lines.
You can really feel the emotion behind each word.
Well done
8/10/2012 c30 Little girl Big world
I think all writers feel there words are less significant than they are,
when in reality most writers words are amazing and beautiful..that includes yours.
8/10/2012 c28 Little girl Big world
I like this
8/10/2012 c24 Little girl Big world
This is a feeling I understand so well.
Well written
5/20/2012 c1 287Archia
"the wrong side of the glass" You know, I can't seem to decide which side of the glass that is. I have these different reasons throwing up in my mind, and I'm not sure which one I prefer. I really like how that made me think.

Each line seemed to say something more, I guess in such a short piece each line should, but each line here says so much.
4/17/2012 c20 173Little girl Big world
Powerful. Wow.
4/17/2012 c18 Little girl Big world
"Begging you to let me

s t i t c h

your wounds shut."

I adore the formatting on stitch.

Great piece.
4/17/2012 c17 Little girl Big world
Second line is great. This writing is so angsty, I love it. I relate SO well. I write with much angst as well.
4/17/2012 c16 Little girl Big world
Been there. I like your little one word titles by the way.
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