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for How to Start A World Religion: Ten Easy Steps

10/1/2012 c1 5Buddhist Warrior
LOL, it's hard to find a "Create Your Own Religion" essay on fictionpress. But when you do, it's worth it.
12/10/2011 c1 Tabort
I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was witty and funny and you didn't try to overdo it. My favorite line is probably, "By following these ten simple steps, you too can inspire great art, commit great atrocities, and amass vastly disproportionate amounts of the world's wealth for millennia to come!" That immediately put a smile on my face.

I thought the pacing was nicely done and your progression of the ten steps was well laid out.

I really hope to read some more satire from you :)
10/16/2011 c1 81LittleLoser.AndRoloLamperouge
LOL- the way to describe this. I'm so happy I'm a cafeteria catholic, I can read something like this and not burn with rage afterwards. :)

10/15/2011 c1 4Mamadou
Fascinating but formatting wouldn't have hurt ...
10/14/2011 c1 legitimight
Reading that was strangely satisfying.

(P.s. Maybe you know this- leaving me to run my mouth and look a little stupid, but you're missing some numbers [that is numbers 1-4.])
10/14/2011 c1 51ruffad
The day finally came when I stumble upon someone who is openly cynical about religion as I am. I think the most impressive element of your work is your dry humor. It underscores the repulsiveness and blasphemy of religion. Freud did claim so himself the belief in religion to be a symptom of mental illness. You are doing this world a huge favor by imparting a divine message, keep it up (you're not the only who can take a word out of it's religious context to mean differently (: ). Damn, I've got this religion contradiction shit on-lock. Cheers.
10/14/2011 c1 marcoolbodt
Love this story! *ahem* Guidelines.

Keep up the good work!

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