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4/20/2012 c6 CrystalGW34
I wonder what she's going to do to get back at him. Off to read more. Great chapter.
4/3/2012 c5 CrystalGW34
I can't wait to read more of this great story. Please update again soon. :)
4/2/2012 c4 CrystalGW34
It was cold of him to leave her just because she couldn't rememeber him anymore. Hopefully he will spend more time with her and she will remember him again. I enjoyed this chapter and I can't wait to see what happenes next between them. Please update again soon. :)
3/26/2012 c2 1Gretel Snaps
I think you're switching between the two tenses too much/the wrong way. Just stick with one. Also, if it's past tense it's "She closed her eyes," present is "She closes." (Not just "close.") Sorry if this comment irritates you. '. I just want to point it out.
3/26/2012 c3 CrystalGW34
I'm going to have to keep this review short. Very busy this morning. I just wanted to say you're doing a great job and I enjoyed the chapter very much. Please keep writing and I look forward to reading more. Update when you can. :)
1/25/2012 c2 Pandora's Jar
I am part Thai too so I can idenitfy with Sumlalee! (Thailand is such a beautful country, too bad the story doesn't take place there.) So anyways, on to my comments:

Characters: So far Sumlalee reminds me of the female lead from my story 'Warning'. Fiery, couping (bitterly) with loss of her mum, wow she even works as a waitress and even spills coffee on a guy. lol. I like her already.

Writing: I know it is a pain to edit your own work. (I know because I hate doing it too when I write. Hell, this review is probably littered with errors.) However, I found many of the errors discracting while reading. What happened to your beta? - Also, remember to try your best to show, not tell. It is kind of like fiction writing's golden rule.

Story: I love princes. I don't know why honestly, but I do! :-) Especially when they are conflicted princes. What I am not so fond of are arranged marriages. I am American, so maybe it is just the culture I grew up in but I do not normally perfer to read them unless they take place in a society where they are generally accepted in the culture. Where does this story take place? (I think you mentioned Sydney in the beginning, I doubt it's a common thing there, but I don't really know.)

Anyways, that's just a few of my thoughts. I still like your other story a lot more, but I think this one has potenial too. If you find the time to write it, I would be glad to read another chapter. ~PJ
10/23/2011 c2 6Curlysquirt95
Great chapter! I'm wondering if Sumlalee's prayer will work and will help her and her family for the better. Can't wait to read more! :)
10/23/2011 c2 CrystalGW34
I don't have time to leave you a big review, but I wanted to at least say something and let you know that I'm reading. Anyway, I enjoyed reading the new chapter and I'm looking forward to the next one. Please update soon. :)
10/19/2011 c1 CrystalGW34
I'm looking forward to reading this story. Please update soon. I'll add this to my story alert list so I will be notified when you post the first chapter. Can't wait. :)
10/17/2011 c1 3Miss-You-Too
I am curious whats going to happen in this because i want to know what the prince did. With that said your story as alot of grammar errors (especially in your authors note) so if you want to look it over and fix them so your story will appear more professional.
10/16/2011 c1 6Curlysquirt95
As cliched as they are, I love arranged marriages. :) I'm definitely excited for the first chapter of your story. It sounds like a good start, so far. I'm curious as to how the Prince hurt the girl. She probably won't expect falling in love with him, then. Can't wait for next update! :)
10/15/2011 c1 25Kyllex
Sounds interesting! I am curious as to what he did to her, but I'm sure that will be explained. Keep it up! :)
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