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10/25/2011 c1 Blushing.Violett
The lower half of this just struck me. Just like, right here. :x But to break it down, exactly...

I'm so sorry

For being so sorry

But there's nothing I wish more

I felt that. And the lines after it are immediately what you think and feel afterwards, ...if there's no way out, make it stop so the problem will be resolved. You're tired of taking the blame upon yourself for things, even when it isn't you. You just feel it's easier that way, so no one else has to suffer and you don't have to see that. If you're taking the blows, you can control what happens to that pain. You can smile and shrug it off, but in the end not for long.

-gunna cry- :c

Analyzing the entire set of lines in this poem, this small bit says. So much. You could literally glean hundreds of different interpretations, but boiling down we'd all cry until we weren't whole. A lot of us are there already; hanging on with the fragile threads sewn that hold the final fragments together.

-needs to write, I'm taking it out on you- xP

I'll stop short here, although Idk if you mind, but looking at it from this angle is like the mantra for all those living. All those under our shoes. Loved it, missy. :x Keep writing stuff like this and I'll be hovering over ya shohlda. ;D Fav, by instant. ~

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