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11/26 c106 Guest
Okay... Um... Solid ending bro
10/22 c96 K1
Great twist and reveal.
10/20 c108 Tourfaint
And thank you for writting it, i have devoured this book far faster than i should've, it was the best piece of fantasy i had the pleasure of reading in a very long time !
10/19 c48 K1
This is great.
10/19 c99 lederware
The first mistake I found: “But I am learning thing here, so it's okay. This isn't a zero sum game.”

Absolutely captivating story!
10/19 c30 Light
Very interesting.
10/18 c19 K1
Really very enjoyable.
10/17 c5 K1
This is wonderfully wonderful.
10/15 c54 Guest
*Looonnnnggg Sloooowwwww Bliinnnnnkk*
'Well, fuck' indeed!
10/15 c48 Guest
Just wanted to express my appreciation for this wonderful tale.
Thanks so much for sharing your time and talent!
10/12 c108 Erik
Thank you for a great story.
10/11 c108 Tenzing Lama
Great story! I really enjoyed reading it, I hope to read more of your stories in the future. One of the few we novels that I actually enjoy and reminds me that, "it's not just me getting bored of reading" XD but that my requirements for stories are higher.
10/9 c107 fraserh133
I also love how each character has a different 'voice'.

Zorian, the slightly antisocial hyper-rational young man that is incredibly perceptive in some area's, but still ignorant in other he deems unimportant

Zach, the old man in a young mans body who's actions are as much out of habit as out of thought, who was invigorated by Zorian.

Akoja, someone who we haven't interacted with giving an outsider perspective on the changes of our main character.

Damien, who is hypercompetent and incredibly self-assured, and if he does something he does it well, but doesn't care to give much thought to what he doesn't concern him. You see this when he calls Kirielle a brat, and doesn't empathise with her plight.

That said, he is on Zorian's side, so of course he is going to champion her case better than Zorian could
10/9 c104 fraserh133
Just rereading chapter 104. I get tears in my eyes man. It is so well written, even knowing the ending doesn't take away the impact of this chapter.
10/7 c108 John Spangler
Thank you for writing such a masterpiece!
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