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3/17 c87 579bristling
Various characters use object pronoun with conjunction where subject pronoun should be used, as in "me and Joe did this", which should be "Joe and I did this".
3/17 c78 Quinn Mallory
Hasn't conventional lighter-than-air flight occurred to anyone in this universe?
3/16 c74 Quinn Mallory
I don't see why Zorian continues to object morally to certain acts. None of it matters: everyone and everything he might harm is erased at the end of the month anyway! Kant was an idiot
3/16 c67 Quinn Mallory
Saw that one coming
3/16 c108 Tollan
This is the best story I’ve read on here and a competitor for many of my favorite books of all time. You’ve done your audience proud, nobody103. I hope you know that.
Thank you for this adventure.
2/5 c108 Cecil
I need Zorian and Ako to fall in love. I surely hope this will be a thing.
1/25 c20 brennan.barrington
Even the loop covering the planet isn't enough. If the planet orbits a star, astronomers at the beginning of each loop would notice that the star's sunspot pattern, for example, instantly changes. If there are other planets in the system, they would suddenly be in the wrong places in the sky.

It being limited to the local solar system would probably be enough; a few years of stellar drift (under our physics) isn't sufficient to be observable with early-20th-century telescope technology. Assuming that there haven't been any supernovae or anything similar since the loop started, it could continue for a very long time before anything became visibly wrong with interstellar space.
1/14 c1 72mary.okeeffe.16
I love your breakpoints and the book cover.
1/11 c108 Enthusiastic seeker of glorious perfection
The ending was generally ok, but i would have loved to see zorian and akoja together though and a whole lot of things too. Hope you'll include those in the sequel... Looking forward to it!
9/20/2023 c108 Emoswen
I'm a time loop fiction fanatic and this is truly a work of art. I really appreciate you sticking through this. I'm not sure, but is the name of this based after the Grey Hunter in the end? Anyway, this has been a really enjoyable part of my life for the past few months of reading this. Start to finish, I believe it's perfect.
8/23/2023 c44 Lukool1800
Oof for Zorian in the ways of social drama.
3/25/2023 c1 Guest
I started reading this back in 2011 when you first started it and read it for the first couple years as you posted new chapters. I ended up taking a long hiatus and just recently came back to finish reading it. I'm so excited! I just wanted to say congratulations on publishing!
3/11/2023 c92 Guest
Just that ending sentence melted my heart. For all the entertaining fights and fantastic character and plot development, that might well be my favorite part so far. Sweet and wholesome and fantastic.
3/3/2023 c108 Glaukops
Brilliant piece of fiction! I’d have loved to get a longer epilogue but apart from that I absolutely loved it.
1/22/2023 c108 Reborn chris
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