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2/11/2020 c108 Guest
Thank you really. I loved every bit of this.
I haven’t missed a chapter since I discovered it. If you want to edit a lot, just remember that people love your story for a reason. The critics might sound clever, but some French writer once wrote that a book is round and full like an egg, and that it’s not easy to take or add to it. The rhythm can be messed up by confronting the writer you were then as the one you are now. Well I am sure you know that actually, and that you’ll do great.
2/11/2020 c108 Thanks
Really a great story, totally will buy it when you publish. Must be surreal to be done after a 9 year task.
2/11/2020 c108 Joe
Thank you so much for this! The ending was so satisfying. I look forward to when you publish this as a book, I want to share this work with so many of my friends. I love your world building, and I love your characters. Parting is such sweet sorrows, but with hope I look out that this might not be the last.
2/11/2020 c108 Guest
What a ride. Must say, I really enjoyed it, and kudos for actually finishing this, I was elated when I discovered you were still updating. Thanks for sharing this with us, I look forward to more from you. I’d love to run a pathfinder campaign in this, or a homebrew.
2/11/2020 c107 Guest
she things - she thinks
2/11/2020 c108 LeTouriste
congratz! i admit i didn't read your last few chapters yet, i had a busy few weeks. i can't wait to have the time to do so.
I really dread spoilers tho xD
2/11/2020 c108 Guest
Thank you for this great novel! It was excellent and easily in my top 3 ever read. I only wonder what happens to Zorian and Zach friendship, Oganj having Imperial Orb and Crown. I also wished that Angel would gift Zorian with Octahedron Divine Stabilisation Frame to increase his mana amount as a reward for being major help in preventing Panaxeth release, his archmage skills he achieved himself and I think he should be rewarded for that help.
2/11/2020 c108 Azniel
That was a fantastic story. Ive been reading your story since years ago and a lot has happened since then but it was nice to have kept the habit of checking for a new update on this. Gotta say im interested in the extended epilogue and see what zorian would be doing here on out. Honestly hoping for a big heroic reveal of his and zachs hard work in saving the city lol
2/11/2020 c108 c4
Hello nobody!
Congratulations on finishing this story!
I started to read your story when I was in college around 2014.
I found it by chance while reading Date-a-Live in Baka-Tsuki.
I really can't believe I've stick around this for all these years.
Every time I crave to read MoL, I start at The Sister Effect.
I believe its the most memorable character development for Zorian.
(Zorian you Siscon lol)
I've dropped all my reading list, from KR, CN to JP, but not this.
Now that Mother of Learning has ended, I don't know what read next lol.
Thank you for such a wonderful story.
2/11/2020 c107 Tim
This was by far and above one of the best books that I have ever read, I avidly hope that You either continue this or write a new story. I read most of your story on royalroad though. Have a good day and thank you again for this magnificent experience
2/11/2020 c108 Talon of Anathrax
This story was great for start to finish, and I'm glad to see it come to a satisfying conclusion! However, I am extremely hyped for any "long-term epilogues" or sequels. There's no way Zorian can keep his involvement hidden in the long run - Quatach-Ichl knows who Zorian is and knows what he did, and is his enemy. Same thing with the Dragon. I seriously doubt they'll refrain from telling anyone about the time loop or about Zorian and his mind magic. And this is a situation that is getting investigated extensively, and that they probably won't give up on even if they fail to find results now (unless new Spinter Wars wreck everything, I guess). Furthermore, then there are money issues, the Church and the Angels, keeping his pet Hydra hidden, Zorian's restlessness, etc. I'm very curious about how things will go down once some of this information starts getting known to the Eldemarian government!

I don't expect Zorian to actually manage to live a life of obscurity. At the very least, there'll be people who'll know him as an archmage, and there'll be his role in the negociations between the aranea and Eldemar. What does Zorian end up doing with his life? Does he get involved in wars and conspiracies again?

I'm also very curious about his sister's future! Does Kirielle become a mage? Does she marry that guy she didn't like?

Thanks a lot for writing all this!
2/11/2020 c108 Lurker
Thank you for your long work.

I'm deeply grateful and jealous of your commitment to this story for such a long time. You've made a great story, I hope you have the intellectual property thingy well under control as this work deserve to be published (and I would buy it with clear satisfaction).

I'm French, and these books would sell if translated as well. Maybe a japanese translation and an anime series are possible.

I'll be looking for news about Altazia and I wish you the best of luck for the rest.
2/11/2020 c1 Steallet
Great !
2/11/2020 c108 Fraser
Got tears in my eyes with a dopey smile on my face

It was so good, and it ended so well. You tie up plenty of the loose ends, or show how they are getting tied up such as with the books from Zorian, showing the logical aftermath without trying to artificially give everyone a happy ever after.

They are rebuilding, its messy, the loops over. There are consequences. Zach is still annoyed at Zorian. The End. And that messy Ending is perfect 3
2/11/2020 c108 A Man
Simply Very Good.
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