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7/12/2012 c12 1Wings of Beauty
Loved it! Update soon!
5/15/2012 c1 daisylou
currently in love with Jake and Danny xD

I like this series so much, hope you can update soon! :)
4/28/2012 c12 10vimaro22
First I want to say that I knew I was probably going to love this story by default because it's set in Philly. If I'm honest it's one of the reasons I clicked on it. I'm from South Jersey, and Philly is my city. I appreciate your use of creative license in having two Philly teams; the Phillies and the As (and your explanation of the history of the Athletics in your author's note was helpful, I'm sure, for readers who don't already know it). I think that this story really holds something extra for those who are familiar with the city and the team (your comment about Charlie Manuel's stoic expression made me laugh out loud. Oh, how many times I've seen it!). I also like your intertwining of real-life baseball details with the fiction; Matt Kamp (or Kemp? You used both, so I'm not sure which one you intended on) for instance (even though I think the real-life Matt Kemp is a huge jackass...).

In any case, I'm really looking forward to seeing where this story goes. I think it has a lot of potential. Your protagonist (in Will, but in Brandon too, when the story is in his POV) is hysterically funny and realistic. I love the slightly cynical way he views the world. I'd also like to see more from Brandon's point of view, because I think that would really help contribute to building his character. We really only see Brandon from Will's perspective, and things might not always be how he sees them. The one chapter from Brandon really helped me get into his head more. Also, maybe having more from his POV will help readers understand the generally homophobic nature of professional sports (though the Phillies DID make an It Gets Better video. Be still my heart!).

Anyway, I'm really enjoying this story so far and I cannot wait to see how you continue it. Wonderful job!
4/28/2012 c1 3Sayure
Oh God,nice beginning and believe me we want M
3/6/2012 c12 18JHeartbreak
This is a really good chapter. I'm totally feeling the chemistry between them.

Did you know that Brian Mulroney is the name of a Canadian celebrity? He's the son of a former Prime Minister and he hosts Entertainment Tonight Canada.
3/6/2012 c12 prostock69
Wheee! So glad you updated! Missed you Drew :)

Their date went so well! I wish he wasn't so pessimistic about Brandon. I can understand his hesitancy about falling for him because he is in the closet due to Brandon's profession. He doesn't want to get.
3/6/2012 c12 11DawnSister
Great chapter. I love the banter between Will and Danny, especially the "Bees and the Bees." thing, funny.

I think I might have missed some chapters out though, don't know how that happened, but hey ho. So you might get some posthumous reviews. (I like to try to review each chapter).

As I think I might have said before, I like this story and the characters are interesting, real and funny.

Thanks for sharing,

2/14/2012 c5 DawnSister
Oh dear, you're distracting me from my own story. Will read the rest later to catch up. Enjoying it though.

2/14/2012 c3 DawnSister
Oh, I am liking this. Sorry I didn't review the last few chapters but I liked them too. It's fast paced, some funny bits, some raunchy bits and a bit of a mystery guy. Although the summary gives it away a bit.

Corey sounds an ass. Ditch the ass Will!

Looking forward to the double Date.

1/28/2012 c11 3aditus
I have to admit I don't know sh-t about baseball, so this part was a bit difficult for me. You know us ignorant Europeans...

Well I'm a bit torn, on the one hand the boyfriend question was a bit fast, on the other hand it wasn't that bad, they could just have agreed to go on slowly. Hmm, they have much to clear up, like with Brandon in the closet and all, sooo Okay I just have to wait what you'll come up with next time. Good work, I really like your story.
1/25/2012 c11 18JHeartbreak
Okay, my qualms about why Brandon was so interested have been allayed. And this chapter was really good on its own too. It was helpful to see Brandon's perspective. For one thing, it makes the whole 'baseball world' more real for the story. And actually, I'm pretty sad about the ending - in the good way. I'll check out your new story.

And I feel you about the dating websites. I have been guilty of going on just to imagine what it would be like to date the people there. And it's hard to find a flattering picture of myself. And... I'm starting to doubt that it's even a good way to meet people.

1/24/2012 c11 3no-ones-puppet
Aww! Poor Brandon. He just wants someone to call his own but he acted all stalkery and now he doesn't have them. At least will agreed to another date though. If he didn't I'd be so made... I mean Brandon has Adonis lines who's gonna turn that shit down!

Your silly for going on dating sites and not even caring! I mean don't you pay money for most of those? Lol. Maybe you should get a friend to take a really hot picture of you since you can't take them yourself and let all them people's flock to you and have them tell you THEY'RE interested... Besides the confidence boost, you won't have to worry about doing anything yourself. :D
1/24/2012 c11 Fumiki
Brandon's POV! Yay! I agree, they're moving too fast in their relationship. It made them sounds like a fuck buddies rather than boyfriends. I'm glad they decided to slow down. Anyway, I'm going on online dating sites too, and I like to put up my worst photos to fuck with people's heads... That and I'm incapable of making a normal face in a photo. You know, lemon face, duck lips, blowfish... lol. Just pick pictures that you like the most, and good luck! :D
1/24/2012 c11 prostock69
Ch. 11: It was great getting Brandon's POV on their "relationship" so far. He agrees he shouldn't have asked Will to be his boyfriend. And Will didn't want to go to Brandon's house because he said that is what "caused this problem in the first place." If the "problem" he's referring to having sex too soon?

I promise Andrew, I'm going to check out your new story today! And also, good luck on the dating front. I don't envy you at all there. Gay/straight. It doesn't matter. Dating just sucks! Maybe you can find someone to take your picture for you. Take several then pick the best one then go for it! :)
1/24/2012 c11 marginal-utility
of course they both had to freak out and slow down. men!
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