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1/24/2012 c10 marginal-utility
haven't seen that stripper movie yet, but there are supposed to be so many hot guys in it that i just gotta! And i luv Channing Tatum
1/16/2012 c10 rach
I really enjoy this story:) The characters are so believable. Can't wait to read more!
1/15/2012 c10 sick at heart
This is a great story, I can't wait to read the next chapter. And I'm from Philly so I love reading things about the city in this :)
1/13/2012 c10 RaeAnnLove
I looked up the video and just oh my! The hotness was overwhelming! I loved it! Anyways update soon~ I always enjoy reading what you write. I especially love how the mother is described because I feel like that's the kind of mom I might be. XD tee hee
1/13/2012 c10 18JHeartbreak
Enjoying it! I'm excited to see what happens next. Also I'm very deeply curious as to what it is that Brandon likes about Will. It better be good! Not to stress you out or anything.
1/13/2012 c10 prostock69
Ch. 10: I REALLY missed this story! Nice that you are back updating :) First, the underwear ad was ridiculous! I love men, don't get me wrong, but I thought briefs were invented to keep the parts supported, not so they could flop around, which is why my husband loves his tighty whities.

Second! I totally understand why Will is having second thoughts of now being Brandon's boyfriend. It is kinda of fast! Plus Brandon isn't out AND they don't see each other enough to really cultivate a relationship that can last. Further, I don't know if I could ever trust a professional athlete not to cheat, gay or straight. So tying oneself down to one is even more risky than just dating a regular Joe.
1/13/2012 c9 12eafggdsg
Love the story so far! I have this feeling that Jake has a little thing for Will... ;) I'm very intrigued to see what happens when Brandon tells people he's gay! Should be interesting! Also looking forward to seeing if anything happens with Corey. He sounds like a prick but I sort of feel sorry for him too. (But I'm a bit of a softie so that's probably just me...) Anyway, keep up the good work and I can't wait to check out the next chapter when it comes up! :)
1/13/2012 c10 tamzingrace
Poor Will, everyone seems to be telling him to break up/not go out with Brandon already. I get the feeling Jakes a little bit in love with Will? Look forward to more.
12/12/2011 c9 JHeartbreak
I'm really enjoying this story. I was expecting it to focus more on the coming out and dealing with the public and stuff, although it still might do that. I find it hard to believe that Brandon is willing to come out publicly and go long term with a guy he might the other night at a club. I mean, their chemistry doesn't seem that amazing, and the main character doesn't seem like much of a catch (no offense). This isn't a major issue but it's puzzling becuase it obscures their motivations. I really enjoy the room mates. They are the kind of characters that can be really annoying, but you've done them too well for that. I'm looking forward to what comes next.
11/28/2011 c9 calamity jane
Hooray, I was very happy to see you updated! This chap and Will are just too cute! Looking forward to the next update and glad to hear you have a new job!
11/26/2011 c9 midnight41
Is Brandon going to come out next chapter? Will Will pass his test? Is Jack always going to be a man-whore? So many questions... ^.^ please update soon!
11/26/2011 c9 3no-ones-puppet
Wow. Elevated status to bf after one night... Really must've been good. I'm gonna say it again... Feels too fast, but I think some time might be made up when it comes to telling his parents. For some reason I don't think it's gonna be that easy.
11/26/2011 c9 RaeAnnLove
LOve this story! It's a new favorite of mine! I can to see where their relationship goes! But I have one question I think you mentioned earlier in the story that Brandon's parents knew he was gay and his ex. But they were the only ones...was that an accidental mistake? Sorrys if you already knew I just wanted to make sure you saw that. I can't wait for your update!
11/26/2011 c9 prostock69
Ch. 9: DREW! I was thinking of you yesterday wondering where you have been. I was hoping you haven't posted because you got a job. Congrats! :)

I really loved this chapter. I missed these guys big time. I'm very nervous for Brandon for wanting to come out. But I think it's sweet that he's wanting to in order to continue dating Will. But it's such a huge step; especially for a professional sports player.
11/26/2011 c9 1Scorned
Thanks for sharing that story about the gym. Now I feel fat =.=

Moving on from my crippling self doubt, I'm so glad to get an update! It's nice that he's thinking about coming out, and now I'm kinda wondering about Danny...
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