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10/22/2011 c3 t
corey is annoying, but I love this story... More please
10/22/2011 c2 timi
Love it...loving the couple
10/22/2011 c1 timi
love it
10/22/2011 c3 prostock69
Ch. 3: Yeah! Awesome Chapter. I love Danny. He is the best straight-boy friend evah! I love his relationship with Will and how they scheme behind Jake's back. And he goes clubbing with them AND doesn't care about public shows of PDA. THAT is pretty cool.

Also, you don't have to rush into the sex, not for me. I LOVE stories that are slow burners. I read plenty of PWP. But for me the plot is the most important thing about the story.

I'm so excited Brandon called/texted Will and they are going to dinner and friends are invited! Wow. Now we get to see if Danny recognizes Brandon. I get the feeling Corey is going to be a problem. (I love conflicts)...lol.

Sorry you have a migraine. Hubby is a long-time chronic sufferer of them. He got a really bad one last night which usually happens with a low pressure system moves through (we are in DFW Texas). Totally sucks. But you write amazingly with one. :)
10/22/2011 c3 tamzingrace
Enjoying the story so far. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.
10/22/2011 c3 39Raaawr Ima Dinosaur
Aww Jake so like's Will...poor thing.

Dude, Danny is so my favourite character. It's not every day that a straight guy will live in an apartment with two gay guys. He's like...a male fag hag :)

Also...IT'S HAPPENED AGAIN! This is like the fifth slash story my name has appeared in this month T~T

Anyways, great chapter! Please update soon :D
10/21/2011 c3 1Sir Vani
This chapter was amazing! And i really wish the smut could become graphic now, but the definition of humor in this is just grand! and i hope nobody ruins their date... c ya!
10/21/2011 c2 39Raaawr Ima Dinosaur
Dude! This story is epic! I was a bit iffy about it at first since I'm not American and know nothing about baseball but thus far it's been good! ...though baseball hasn't really been added yet but meh.

Please update soon! :D
10/21/2011 c2 infinite silence
i like it!
10/21/2011 c2 Nique13
I like what you've written so far.
10/20/2011 c2 Ihatethissite
I love it, I think its clever and so far pretty good!
10/20/2011 c2 prostock69
ARgggh! You bastard! Stopping right when things are getting goooooood. This is the worst kind of cliff-hanger EVER! LOL!

Ok, first of all, I adore you Drew. And if this is what's in your "dirty ass mind", I want to live there ;) And your mom read this? lol. Hugs to you. I'm sorry you were embarrassed! Drew's Mom, if you are reading this review, know that your son has talent! And Drew your comment about needing therapy was hilarious! :) But I know you'll be o.k. Writing is a form of therapy...just don't stop doing it!

And I did make you a favorite author because I'm expecting more great stories from you :)

Baseball players...sigh...are so sexy. I rarely watch Baseball but when I do, it's just to check out the guys. My sport is football, college to be exact. But getting back to the story: I'm a little afraid for Brandon after Danny semi-recognized him. I'm assuming he's not officially out.

And Will has an ex! Corey sounds cute. What's the backstory there? I want details! And I loved how Brandon went all caveman and claimed Will was his "boyfriend" in front of Corey. And even if he didn't mean it, it's still so freaking sweet!

I'm wondering if part of Brandon's attraction to Will is the fact that Will has no idea who Brandon is. So he feels he can be himself without the baggage of what he does for a living hanging over him. I mean it's hard enough being a single straight professional ball player trying to date. Women are the WORST gold diggers. I have no idea if it's similar with gay professional athletes. It must be somewhat because Brandon didn't tell him he was one. So I'm curious to know what Will's reaction will be once he finds out.

Any who, loving this story! Keep the updates coming!
10/20/2011 c2 calamity jane
Very nice chap, funny and sexy all in one! I love Will's comments to himself when he's thinking, I find myself lol quite often. I'm looking forward to the next chap, I'm just hoping they're not interrupted by one of the roommates. ;)

Good luck at the job fair!
10/19/2011 c1 calamity jane
Wow this was fantastic! It grabbed me from the very first sentence and didn't let go once. I think I'm gonna like Will a lot and Brandon just sounds so hot! I can't wait to read more!

Oh and I absolutely love the song Rapture by IIO! Keep up the great work.
10/19/2011 c1 1StrangeGoldfish
I really liked it, it was creative and different and I can't wait to see more, update soon :)
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