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for When wings are gone.

11/10/2001 c1 14Isabella Becker
I like it so far but wasnt Artemis the greek goddess of moon and hunting? oh who cares its your story.
6/15/2001 c1 shaina
hey so i really like ur storyy i havent read the other chapeters yet but i will aand i will review them , sorry it took me so long to review but ohh well. dont give up hope people will review ur stories just keep giving them somethin to review heeee! haaaaaa, well today is the last day of schol heeeeeeee im so happy sorry i stopp ed reviewing ur story this is now like an email well m atlking to much so bye, GREAT STORY!
6/15/2001 c4 Angel115
Hey i dont know if u remember me but whatever, so i read ur last two chapters, i really like them because there not to long, on the internet its is hard to read really long stories and then they become boring, ( they r usually filled with useless info) hey so when ru gonna put up a new story, im waiting, i really like ur stories so plezzzzzzzzzz write another one, dont change a single thing in ur story its like totally perfect. so um ya i guess im done writing now, so plezzz write another story PLEZZZZZZZZZZZ
6/3/2001 c2 Angel115
hey i really like ur story i read the first two chapters so far and their good. I like datail and ur story has pretty good detail though i would like to know how Artemis and Aries look like a bit btter , but anyways excellant story! But ill let u know what i think of the next chapters when i read them
5/30/2001 c4 singforme
~.~ I hate cliffhangers. Well, I asked for morbid, and that's what I got... Improvement- longer chapters pls!~ Well done!
5/30/2001 c4 1Dragon-chan
I only have one comment: ^^
5/29/2001 c3 Dragon-chan
Nathaniel...where have I heard that name before...? Oh well, doesn't matter, great ficcie ^^
5/28/2001 c2 Dragon-chan
It doesn't matter if Artemis is a girl's name, look at Sailor Moon! Artemis is the male moon cat. I liked this chapter, I can't wait to find out more background on the two. Keep on writing ^^
5/28/2001 c1 Dragon-chan
Oh...*winces* a dark ficcie. I like dark fics, ...almost as much as Yi does ^.~

I'll go read the next chapter now...
5/28/2001 c2 singforme
Add more morbid stuff~ ^^ Well done!~!
5/27/2001 c1 5Frostmaiden
Kinda fast-paced and confusing, but I'm sure you'll clear it up in the next few chapters. So far, so good! Keep writing!
5/27/2001 c1 Lady Serna
Artemis is actually a greek goddess, but oh well. Good writing. I like it.
5/27/2001 c1 singforme
Figured out how to upload fics, ne? ^^ Good job, looking forward to next chapter...(man, u must like making people suffer o.O ripping wings off a guy...ouch)

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