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for Beneath a Drowning Sea

1/6/2012 c3 1IceDragon19
It's confusing... But each word I read makes me want to comprehend what it is portraying to me. I need to know more, and I need to know why.

1/6/2012 c3 2Mysticbreez
o.o Interesting. It's like... it's like ocean zombies. Except instead of BRAAAAAAAAINS they're like... I dunno. BARNACLEEEEEES.

... that was lame. Forget that last sentence xP
11/27/2011 c3 31HeroofEnelios
I really like how water was described as a murderer and how it kills during this chapter, it was very vivid, wonderfully written and I loved the chapter in its entirety. Great job!
11/5/2011 c2 HeroofEnelios
Great use of descriptive imagery words in this chapter, it really painted a clear picture in my mind. Great work with this second chapter, I enjoyed it.
10/30/2011 c1 HeroofEnelios
I think it is good to write something else once in a while when working on something like Twelve Stars, it's a good break. And this was quite suspenseful, I must say it was captivating with your vivid use of words. Well done.

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