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for Ready or Not

11/20/2011 c1 3StaNdUPtomE
I like it though :D

It sounds like it could be a very intresting wedding... and three weeks is WAY to soon, I've suggested doing that and my mother gives me dirty looks.
11/19/2011 c1 2smydkthx
I really like the way this story seems to be going! Can't wait to read more!
11/18/2011 c1 211cina24
I'm loving it already(:
11/18/2011 c1 Lyssa50
I like this so far. Noelle and Anders sound like they're going to be fun. Can't wait to read more.
11/18/2011 c1 17Lady of romance world88
Hi there. I love it and I want more so please continue it.

How old are Aaron, noelle, Megan, Daniel and andras?

Why does noelle and andras hate each other so much?

Please update soon :)
11/17/2011 c1 starlightsand
This is really good, and a promising beginning to a story. You might need a few commas here and there, but overall, it's perfect. I'll definitely be reading this as it progresses :)

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