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for Personal Assistant or Personal Anguish?

9/23/2012 c13 4Pascale Kowai KV
Sorry! I didn't got time to read the previous chapter until now. So I'm just gonna review both 12 and 13 here!
12 - Digging into Everett's thoughts was pretty interesting; I like how he seems at loss as to how to behave with Maxima, especially when he's almost stating: "I'm not desperate... Okay, maybe a bit. help me!" Haha!
13 - Ha! He eventually put some of the ideas he was given into action! But damn Maxima can be dense at times! Though to her defense, I'd probably thing he had some problem getting over his ex as well if I was in her place. Seems like he has more entertaining thoughts on his mind. Go and just enjoy the guy's company girl! At least, it seems like she's excited for that trip.
I'm very much awaiting for what's to come!
9/23/2012 c13 4Daphne.Claire
I'm really liking where this story is going. i feel like i really understand maxima, garret is really intense and out of the blue is acting all kind and max has no clue how to interpret this. this story i really adorable. i cant wait for ur next update!
9/22/2012 c13 Athena
I love it! One of the stories I'm watching out for ipdates! Please continue! :)
9/22/2012 c13 1funnechick
Well, I thought it was so funny that he got so upset about her "refusing" his lunch invite, all to find out she had her phone off the whole time. I hate to say this, but this chapter felt like a filler. (Which I know has to happen from time to time.) Maybe it was just because Maxima's POV is so different than Everett's, but everything just felt so formal and stilted compared to the last couple of chapters.

But besides that, I saw much more reviews for this chapter. So, I hope you are encouraged to continue! Remember, I would have reviewed chapter 11, but I think real life got in the way during the middle of me reading it.
9/22/2012 c13 1starlight91
Aww, I'm sorry for not reviewing last chapter. I read it over the week and it was a school night...Well, I'll save you the ramble. Sorry :( I know reviews mean a great deal to an author and it gets really disappointing to receive little feedback. Well I want to let you know that you should NOT end the story. Not only because it's your own work-you spent all this time and effort into this story, if not for readers, at least keep the story going for yourself-but also because there are people like me out there who love reading this. It always lifts my spirit to see an update for the story. I may not review every chapter for whatever reasons, but I would be really sad to see the story end.
With that said, I also wanna say I really like the fact that you add those little legal terms in the dialogue. It brings out their "lawyer" sides more often, not just at work. It gives them more depth, I think. The plot might be developing a bit slow, but maybe you're just taking your time. So yeah, keep it up!
9/22/2012 c13 Confidence from the Night
So...I definitely thought I forgot the password to my account, but then I realized I was trying to login to Fanfiction. THEY LOOK LIKE IDENTICAL SITES.

Anyway, I'm so glad you started updating this again. I love this story! D
I really like Everett's POV, I think you should do more of those.
9/22/2012 c13 demon twin
great chapter! Please update soon?
9/22/2012 c13 whiteyachts
Please do not end this story, I can understand the feeling of frustration as a writer to receive little feedback and even knowing that each chapter gets that many hits might not mitigate that frustration, but please... keep going. I just found this story today and am already eagerly waiting the continuation and would be pretty upset if it just ended. With that being said, I applaud another fantastically written chapter. I'm wondering if Max is starting to have any inclination that Everett may be developing deeper feelings for her though as those thoughts haven't really come out yet... I mean, if someone invited me out to lunch and to a weekend trip I would kinda be wondering! :)
9/22/2012 c12 whiteyachts
I love it, this entire chapter had me grinning from ear to ear. I love the feeling that develops when you're in the process of getting to know someone - first maybe as just a casual acquaintance and then more personally, and how your interactions change with each step. It's fun to see that change progress between Max and Everett and you really capture it so perfectly in this chapter!
9/22/2012 c11 whiteyachts
New reviewer here, I signed up for an account solely to be able to send you a message praising this story but since I AM a new member, my PM function isn't working yet. I'm really enjoying the depth of the relationship that is developing between Max and Everett and am excited, yet saddened, that I only have two more chapters (so far) after this to enjoy. The story is really moving along and I'm really looking forward to seeing where you take it!
9/22/2012 c13 Giraffe-Waffle
I actually started reading this story today and I was a tad paranoid about it being cliché or something I've read before in a own another storyline but I love it. All I have is good feedback. I have to say though hands down my Favorite character is Everett. I don't know why, I just do. I can't wait till the next update. You, my friend, have gotten yourself a new reader

9/22/2012 c1 4Ney13
You have a ton of run-on sentences, and I don't know what to tell you to help fix them. Sorry:( I'm usually better at constructive criticism, but I don't know how to help fix that problem.
9/22/2012 c13 4Garneau
Love your story. There is some character development going on, not to metion Everett and his little smirk is adorable.
I'm really interested to read more!
9/22/2012 c13 6Carmel March
So, I just read through this story in one go. It was that addicting. I couldn't stop clicking next, even though I have a test I need to be studying for!

I really love how you've developed your characters. They are funny, endearing, and believable, which I think is an incredibly important quality in a story.

And your dialogue is brilliant. It flows so well, like I'm watching it play out in my head.

As for reviews, please don't become discouraged. Honestly, the number of reviews never, ever matches up with the amount of hits/visitors. Many people are silent readers and just never review. Try to concentrate on how many people favourite you and follow you! :)

I can't wait for more of this, so please update soon!
9/22/2012 c13 mylittleprincess
i love this story , update more pleaes.
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