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9/22/2012 c13 sneaky-fox
People start REVIEWING for God's sake!

I loved how much we got to know about Everett as a person in this chapter. Max seems to finally get that he actually is interested... poor guy she really doesn't make it easy for him.
As always I can't wait for the next chapter (and hopefully that trip upstate) :)
9/22/2012 c13 heal me forever
wow dis was FUN chapter is cool ;) i kind of crushing him ha ha! lol so ya update soon cant wait to know wat will be dey dng nxt SATURDAY ;) ;) *WOOT*
9/21/2012 c12 1funnechick
I absolutely loved this chapter! It was so awesome to read from Everett's POV. And he seems to be infatuated with Maxima. It's quite cute and entertaining, haha. I'm enjoying it.

I don't know how it happened, but I'm just now reading chapter 11 as well and I can't believe Jada has been cheating on him, especially for so long. I hope she gets fully out of the picture.

And I know it'll be interesting when Everett and Maxima start working on his brother's case. I wonder if Wade will be able to tell how Everett feels about her?
9/21/2012 c12 mylittleprincess
update fast, i love this story so much.
9/21/2012 c12 sneaky-fox
Thank you sooo much for the early update! I completely missed out on some of my lecture but let's face it this story is a 1000x more interesting that business strategy! :)
I like Everett more and more for every chapter. I felt bad for him being so fascinated by Max and she seemed so unaffected... Though I'm pretty sure she wasn't quite as cool as she seemed.
Now I should probably return my focus to my lecture ;)
9/20/2012 c12 heal me forever
dis is awesum chapter...its cool he is super cute ..;) update soon..cant wait for d LUNCH :P
9/20/2012 c11 sneaky-fox
You are back! Thank God! I was afraid you were going to pull a "Darkness Run" on me ;)
No in all seriousness I am really glad you decided to continue this story, I read chapter 10 on the day you posted it but my phone wouldn't let me review it. Both chapter 10 and 11 are really great developments of the story. I was expecting some Everett/Max action at the party in chapter 10 but as always you surprise and gave us a much more intimate scene with Everett opening up to her in this chapter.
How bad do I want the next chapter? enough that I have been checking my mail more than 8 times a day :)
9/17/2012 c11 NHira
I love this story. I bookmarked it to my phone and I check this thing like every week to see if there's another chapter added. Whoo! Keep up the excellente work!
9/17/2012 c11 4Pascale Kowai KV
I definitely had some replies about Jada in this chapter! :)
I had two big surprises in this chapter: Jada cheating on Everett and Wade being a dad! I really like that kind of plot twists as long as it doesn't look like a deus ex machina in the middle of a story! It gives all the taste to it.
Also, the cover looks quite nice.
9/17/2012 c11 mylittleprincess
love it ,update soon.
9/17/2012 c11 heal me forever
d cover looks fab ;)

stry is gng on BANG ON pase..i am liking /loving it :)

of course i am like eager to see his POV update soon ..!
9/16/2012 c11 w3ardo
i like the cover, was it there last update?
and id never think that these two would ever get so friendly
9/16/2012 c11 BoopdeBoop
Good chapter overall, a little short but still very satisfying. Can't wait for updates! :)
9/16/2012 c10 Pascale Kowai KV
I just discovered this story and it seems quite interesting so far! It took me a while to catch up with all the chapters! I like that.

The only think that is bugging me is the place you give to Jada; maybe it is just me but for a person that is so near one of the main characters, she's been more like a 3rd level character up until now but we know it's bound to happen that she's gonna have e lot of weight in the evolution of Everett and Maxima's relationship. I'm sure this could have be solved by giving a few more informations about her in the previous chapters. :)

I'm looking forward to what you may write next! The apparition of Wade seems like a signal of a big turn! I'm just making theories now though! P
9/15/2012 c10 1starlight91
Yes, please keep going :) Wade seems to be an interesting character. And yes, it has been a loooong time! Haha, but I've been waiting nonetheless. Keep up the good work!
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