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9/14/2012 c10 mylittlePRINCESS
Please update soon.
9/14/2012 c1 heal me forever
totally into d stry..do cont ...we r intersted...its nice till now looking forward ;)
9/13/2012 c10 1funnechick
Of course we're still interested, we just hope the next update can come a little sooner. :) I like Everett's brother. Can't wait to see what he adds to the mix. And who is Jada...Everett's girlfriend/mistress/stalker? Haha.
9/13/2012 c10 Guest
You should keep going, it's been ages!
5/26/2012 c9 Confidence from the Night
Good chapter!

I've realized that I really like Maxima's character. These past few weeks, I've been reading a bunch of books and there were so many girl characters that I hated because they've been "weak". I love Maxima's personality; she's so strong but she knows when she needs help.
5/26/2012 c9 17Lady of romance world88
Love it and i want more. Please update soon. And hope that you will return the favor by read one of my stories too. And hope that you will keeo writing. Can't wait for read more of this story whenever you have time to update it. And take your time. No rush at all :)
5/26/2012 c8 Lady of romance world88
Love it and hope that you will keep writing always :D
5/26/2012 c7 Lady of romance world88
Love it and i love the song too

I think you should put bold for author's note and the chapter.

For lyric should be italic

Hope that you will add more thoughts in this story too. :)
5/26/2012 c6 Lady of romance world88
The title and the summary are great because it does catch my attention so immediately too :)
5/26/2012 c5 Lady of romance world88
It is so goood and i really love this story so keep writing always :D
5/26/2012 c4 Lady of romance world88
It is so good chapter and you are amazing writer too :)
5/26/2012 c3 Lady of romance world88
It is amazing chapter and i love it :D
5/26/2012 c2 Lady of romance world88
Love it :D
5/23/2012 c9 sneaky-fox
I was really disappointed when you took down Darkness Run so I kinda lost faith and never started reading this one. But thank God I finally did check it out! So far I really really like this story! the plot is great and your writting is as good if not better than it was in DR.

I'm a huge fan of Everett, he is so loveable :) My relationship with Maxima is a bit more torn, I do like her but sometimes she seems a bit too emotional, she goes from happy to angry to crying in 2 seconds flat. I'm not sure if it is because her past with Everett still affects her that much or if it is just her personality.

I can't wait to read the next chapter (I'm so hoping for some romantic action between them... Everett 3 ;)
5/22/2012 c9 njw5s
I really like this so far! Can't wait to see what happens between them! Update soon please :)
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