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10/28/2012 c21 Confidence from the Night
It's sad to hear that this story is almost over, but I'm so excited for the next few chapters!
This chapter was good, but not one of the best. It was nice to see Max battling with her inner emotions.
I dearly hope that nothing goes wrong in the next chapter. I was totally expecting to see Everett find Max in the lobby, but he had gotten back together with Jada.
10/28/2012 c13 3K-Woodz
Oops sorry I meant 9-12 and of course I'm than also talking about ch12 instead ch11. Sorry for the confusion.
10/28/2012 c12 K-Woodz
Sorry for the late readings. Just read chapter 9-11. After the last chapter just needed to comment ;).
I like your story but sometimes Maxima seems a little whining. Or maybe it's just the new job and she didn't get worked in proparly, so she calls her boss with "weird" questions?
I really loved chapter 11 though. Everett's thinking is just great. I know it's not very constructive, but I just like it. The conversation he has with Maxima, makes her a little more mature than in earlier chapters which I personally prefer. This chapter REALLY makes me want to read the next chapter.
10/27/2012 c21 6KatarinaJuliet
I really liked this chapter...some grammar issues, but overall REALLY GOOD! Please finish this story!
10/27/2012 c21 1leavesfallingup
That note was great. I forgot about the Subway sandwich. It was clever how you brought it back around in the story.

You asked in an earlier Author's Note if anyone could suggest another title. Try these?

It's the ingredients that make the sandwich
The second time around
Sometimes "sorry" is too much
It wasn't a mistake

All cheesy, I know, but it might give you an idea. Then again, your title isn't bad as it is now

Please update soon?
10/27/2012 c20 leavesfallingup
She finally got it! Now what will she do to fix all of the mistakes that she has made?
10/27/2012 c19 leavesfallingup
He defended her (albeit cruelly) and she never even knew about it. The whole situation is kind of sad when you think about it: He isn't saying hurtful things now, but he is still being just as stupid. He can't seem to understand that from her perspective it makes no sense for him to be attracted to her (after all, he was the one who destroyed her self-esteem in the first place)
10/27/2012 c18 leavesfallingup
If Everett had stoppped acting like a spoiled child sooner, things might have gone differently.

The last part was a little confusing. The false rumor was about her... and Everett tried to help?
10/27/2012 c17 leavesfallingup
They are both being dense. She doesn't understand that his interest is sincere and he doesn't seem to understand that she doesn't want to turn her work situation into something awkward (or worse). If he would just state his true feelings all of this might turn out differently.
10/27/2012 c16 leavesfallingup
Thanks, friend, for turning a perfect moment into something awkward and dirty.

Lorraine is a little crass, isn't she?
10/27/2012 c14 leavesfallingup
Everett is playing it smart with the magic and the relaxed tone. Of course you can't necessarily blame a guy for taking advantage of the photo-opportunity at the end. A fun chapter.
10/26/2012 c13 leavesfallingup
It seems that they are slowly but steadily progressing toward each other. Then again, considering her fiery personality, there is almost certainly a bump or two waiting just around the corner.

It is good, however, when people have the opportunity to just talk and become friends before attraction and hormones take over.

If I were to give one piece of personal advice it would be this: try to avoid too much complaining about reviews (or the lack thereof). Some people get turned off by that and either stop reviewing or stop reading altogether. I also have stories here and trust me, you aren't doing poorly in that department.
Sorry if this advice offends you.
10/26/2012 c12 leavesfallingup
That boy is in big trouble. Not to mention that the whole office staff is going to see his efforts and shake their heads.
10/26/2012 c11 leavesfallingup
So basically: stay away from my brother, he's bad news. And by the way, my girlfriend/fiance is now my ex-fiance... so keep your options open... and again, stay away from my brother

(Did I sum it up well?)
10/26/2012 c10 leavesfallingup
Wade must be old enough that he didn't attend school at the same time as Everett? He is definitely one to pursue what he sees and wants
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