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for Personal Assistant or Personal Anguish?

10/23/2012 c20 OCO
Good story, one complaint is that the chapter's are too short. Nothing critical to add though. Keep writing please. :)
10/23/2012 c20 Guest
this chapter was perfect, the talk with her sister is just what was needed to help her see what's going on from a different perspective and to move the story along. i really cannot wait for the next chapter, thank you for updating so quickly again!
10/23/2012 c20 3TO-OLazyToLogin
I have finally caught up. And YOU deserve a review...or twenty... I really like this story...Everett has got that whole 'tugging your crush's hair' thing going on and actually I don't see that often. Maxima has got the whole clueless thing going on which together is a good combination.
I'm really sorry to hear about your friend by the way.
10/22/2012 c20 Confidence from the Night
This was a good study break. It gave me a relief from all my stress, which has now returned. So, you have to update again soon so I can have another stress relief session.

Ah! Finally she's beginning to realize. I have a feeling it's going to be pretty awkward from now on though. But I love awkward moments.
10/22/2012 c20 1LatinSpice
Omg I can't wait to see what happens next!
10/22/2012 c20 sneaky-fox
Finally Max gets it :) Thank you Petra!
10/21/2012 c20 Thess2002
I am really enjoying this story and I am glad Maxima is finally opening her eyes towards Everett's feelings towards her. Another confrontation in the next chappie? In any case, I can't wait! :-)
10/21/2012 c20 heal me forever
ha ha update was cute ..u r one author who update regularly i love dat thing ..anyway it was cute ...feeling bad dat everrett is felling sad :P

dat one shot i read it was so sweet :)
10/21/2012 c20 Guest
Arrgh! Please don't make her decline the job at the DA's office! Nothing is worth that!
10/21/2012 c20 Pat
Loved it and please update sooner! Cant wait to see how everything turns out ;)
10/21/2012 c19 6Carmel March
Fantastic, fantastic chapter! I can't tell you how much I am enjoying reading this story. Please update as soon as you can! :)
10/20/2012 c19 whiteyachts
you are awesome for updating so quickly. i really feel more connected to the story and it's easier to stay in tune with how it's progressing with quicker updates. i hope you have been feeling better!

what struck me most is that it seemed as if everett and his friends in high school were sticking up for max when they did what they did to the guy who stared the rumor, but it seemed like she kind of brushed that off or didn't really recognize the meaning behind what they did, she seemed to just focus on the terrible payback. to me it seemed like a good moment for max to realize that maybe everett wasn't entirely terrible in high school and he was trying to set things right to prove to that guy that the rumor he started wasn't going to go unpunished. but maybe that wasn't your intention with the conversation, i'm not sure. and it seemed like ev was clearly flirting with her with the last statement about the handcuffs but again, she just brushed it off. but you know your characters better than i so maybe i'm just hoping too much for a tender moment to bring the two of them closer-not necessarily together, but just closer.
10/20/2012 c19 heal me forever
whoa deir really waiting for d 'twist' :P ;) ya its was sweet of him to say her to take up her dream job nd so sweet of him to do dat to jimmy though it was damn hilarious ...!
10/20/2012 c19 sneaky-fox
"I can't fathom it being adequate punishment if the scenario involves you desiring to have me naked and in handcuffs," oh Everett you are such a charmer ;)
I'm so glad he finally quit the cold attitude (even though I can't really blame him for having it), now we just need Max to lighten up and appreciate what he did for her in high school (even though it was a bit extreme) and start focusing on why he did it...

Great chapter(s) and thank you for the quick updates, you rock!

ps. I'm really happy that you are back, I hope it means you are feeling better after what happened :)
10/20/2012 c19 1delicate-in-gold-and-green
Haha :) I love Everett's comment at the end! ;) Great chapter, as always :) I'm honestly excited every time I see the update notification email in my inbox! Keep em coming! :D
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