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8/31/2012 c16 Taint.Revile.Elude
Cairo's girlfriend says: Well, Ainsley is obviously not pregnant, even if they did do "it". I am worried for Jake and I don't like Jayda, nor do I trust any of the kids.

Cairo says: I think the trapping a football team in a basement idea is far-fetched and never going to work. Also, I don't understand why weed is frowned upon so much but having a beer or two at the exact same affair is okay when beer is worse for your body and your mind. So, that doesn't make sense to me. Otherwise, I'm enjoying the story though the characters are no longer speaking to me, not even sensible Maddison.
8/30/2012 c8 Taint.Revile.Elude
I enjoyed Maddison more so than all the other characters combined. Her knowledge and acceptance were two bits of her character that I appreciated very much. Although I think Ainsley should have kept quiet about Jake's secret as it wasn't hers to tell, that really bothered me.
8/30/2012 c6 Taint.Revile.Elude
I don't know, I personally think the moment of truth would come a little too soon if it is in the next chapter, however this is already written. So, there's that. I feel like private business should stay private until you're sure the person you share that with is going to play a major part in your life. If not, they have no right to your secrets.

I'm glad I am deep enough into this story that I see these characters as models of real people whom I can feel a certain way about. If a character feels fake to me, I usually just think of their actions as stupid and disconnect myself from them as much as possible. That isn't true of the characters in this book, congrats.

8/29/2012 c3 Taint.Revile.Elude
I am quite ready, yes. Hopefully, Ainsley and Jake have a deeper talk, one where he doesn't often shut down.

Reading this chapter, I liked that Ainsley got in trouble and was fearful of what would happen with her parents. In stories and in real life, there is a respect that has just been lost. I absolutely hate it, so this was a nice change in character for me.
8/29/2012 c2 Taint.Revile.Elude
I enjoy stories with transgendered boys, there simply aren't enough of them, here or anywhere else. What inspired this story?

I'm liking the slow-moving relationship between your leads. Keep it up.

4/29/2012 c16 heart song
WOW you have to update soon! its really original not like other love stories make sure to give them a happy ever after ending
2/29/2012 c16 Sionainn23

I've searched for a story that had a transgendered character but i couldnt find one (Im very interested in reading about different types of people.)

I love Jakes character and his personailty so much! You did an excellent job with creating him. I like how he is insecure about himself but rally tries to fit in with the guys. (though hopefully he doesnt do anything too stupid)

Did you research all the information about transgendered people?

Do you watch Degrassi? Theres a transgendered female to male and he is the main reason i watch the show. I love reading/ watching reactions of people when the find out something shocking thats different than normal or when people notice something different... do you get what i mean?

I have a little favour... i really dislike stories with love triangles and such so i really hope that it doenst happen between the 2 main characters..anyone else can be but so long as it doesnt envolve Jake and Ainsley, im like begging you lol. (For the record, im a little sadistic and sometimes i feel that way towards certain characters and im feeling sadistic towards Jake...) I just dont what another person to even try to break them up in that way, because of a love triangle.

I like Madisons personality and how she is accepting of Jake and although its saddening, i like that Jayda seems awkward.

Gahhh i love this! Please update soon! I would have sent a review each chapter but i just couldnt wait to read the next chapter hahaha.

If i have an idea are you open to suggestions through PM?

Please update soon! :)

- Shay :D!

PS- how do you pronounce Ainsley's name?
2/17/2012 c16 peppermint latte
I feel so guilty, not reviewing for ages...

I wish I could say something really deep and wonderful, but to put it simply, I love this, will always love this, and at some point will draw really cheesy fan art because I love it so much. So I can't really sum up my exact emotions for every chapter, because they're all basically filled with obsessive fan girl type mantras and stuff.

Anyway, loved it!
2/14/2012 c16 TheGodMachine
I'm totally loving this story!
2/8/2012 c4 ATOTW
Alright, so the reveal has happened. This answered some questions for me in whether or not Jake was previously a girl or wanting to become a girl. Glad that's cleared up. This chapter was great. Jake's brother Chad is a great character. I also really enjoyed how you went into the flashback with his parents. I'll read more soon!
2/6/2012 c16 4BeautifulBeast
Awesome chapter! And yes we all hate you lol just kidding. Good luck on your finals and mission trip!
2/5/2012 c15 peppermint latte
fantastic and amazing love it love it love it
1/27/2012 c15 2Felicia Huey
Awww! Love the chapter! :) sooo cute! 3
1/27/2012 c15 4BeautifulBeast
I'm so glad we got so much Ainsley and Jake time, since there was none last chapter. This chapter was stunning!
1/27/2012 c3 ATOTW
"The small restaurant was suddenly really busy as the lunch crowd suddenly came in." - I think using suddenly twice is unnecessary, but that's just me.

I think you did the nervous/awkward lunch conversation very well. Though I know what Jake's secret is, you're doing a good job of showing there is more to him than he's letting on in this chapter. Also, Adam is such a quality name ;] Good chapter.
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