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for For Sale: Contents of a Clay Pot

10/4/2015 c7 14Scott Pilgrim
As a medical student in college down in Mississippi, I can assure this is how we deal with sick patients.
1/31/2015 c2 Scott Pilgrim
Holy cow I never thought id find these stories again! Ive spent half a year searching for them. Keep up the great work.
1/7/2014 c27 Guest
Yoga. Pft. That's what they ALL say, A-Rod.

I hate how now I can't leave a proper review because I can't copy and paste from the stories anymore. :/ Is it FF and FP, or just my PC?
- Isis
1/2/2014 c26 13Isis 47
NUG! 0_0 He had it comin.'

Happy Two-day New Year!
- Isis
1/1/2014 c26 62YFIQ
Nug is dead...
10/14/2013 c25 YFIQ
I wonder if the Boston Marathon Bombers realize the genie was voiced by a Jew.
10/12/2013 c24 YFIQ
Fits well with the "Series of Stupid Cliches" where stock characters would always be used. Also don't forget how in many stories, the hero would never kill villians, just throw them into jail and when he does came close to killing the villain, there will be friends saying, "If you kill him, you'll be just like him!" and crap like that. The thing I liked about "Hokuto no Ken" is that the hero kills the villains and does so in a gruesome manner. Even when some of the villains he meets has a sympathetic background, he still kills them, just that he'd use a "mercy kill" technique.
8/13/2013 c23 13Isis 47
Sorry for the late reply, I was putting the human kind to shame by advertising the Disney channel in this review.

That poor Overlord, being immortal and all. If he really wanted to die, he should try living like a human. We would've found out one way for him to go, one way or another.

' "Secretly? That ship that abducted me was lit up like a freaking Christmas tree! All your ships go around mutilating cows and scaring hillbillies and shit! I've seen it on You Tube lots of times. So if you spying, then why you got so many lights on your ships?"'

- I KNEW I've heard of them before, I just couldn't place my finger on it!

'"Ain't no ugly ass green alien gonna put down a brother's sneakers!"'

- I shall drink a glass of milk to that!

Once again, your script has amazed me . . . awesome writing . . . ni-nice plot . . . *Looks back and forth, then runs away* Bye now!
- Isis
7/30/2013 c23 62YFIQ
Well, at least the Overlord got what he wanted, kinda...
3/19/2013 c15 1Juliegirl22
Oh my gosh. I don't like Facebook either and my friends at my job were all like, "Why don't you get one!?" and "Everyone has one!" and "You should totally make one so we can talk!" I told them, "Why bother when I can talk to you in person?" Hopefully nobody comes after me with a rubber hose.
3/3/2013 c22 62YFIQ
And so the adventure continues as the two snuck into South Korea for some White Castle. Little do they know, the news of a North Korean despot in South Korea spread like a wildfire and so the two have to evade capture at every turn in order to enjoy the mini-burger at White Castle.
1/1/2013 c1 2AJ 96
This is damn funny, and totally believable! I liked the setting and could completely imagine my mom doing that! :P

Overall, a nice short story :)
12/19/2012 c21 13Isis 47
I need to keep this in mind. So a good example for loserdom would be, using a tennis reference:

"Those final few steps she runs, ladies and gentlmen, the ball whirrs through the air, and Nora lunges for the ball, her racket in hand, her entire body going rigid and flying quickly to the ground - good *lord,* ladies and gentlemen, listen to that fart!"

. . . I'm actually going to use that in the next chapter of OUAKO. Thanks for the inspiration, then! I guess!
- Sideshow
12/16/2012 c21 3Meggie May
Awesome chapter! No, I have not died, just taking a long time off to complete NaNoWriMo. I'm back, and loving your work!
Keep writing,
12/15/2012 c21 62YFIQ
This reminds me of the formula I wrote on "Series of Stupid Cliches" when it comes to soap operas. Failures does indeed brings great amount of comedy, such as the 2007 Patriots (MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!), though it became less funny after what happened to Seau who happens to be the only guy I felt bad for in that game...

Sometimes it's the irony itself that bring the humor to the table as well, depending on the situation. Example is when A-Rod was discovered to have juiced and Red Sox fans refused to let the Yankee fans live it down (A-Rod's postseason failures doesn't help either). But then their beloved Manny Ramirez gets caught trying to get pregnant with a fertility drug (WTF?) and the Red Sox fans went "Oh, he's with the Dodgers, it's not like he took it when he was wi-wait a minute...Manny and Ortiz juiced with us as well? NOOOOO!"

It gets even funnier when they tried to remind the Yankee fans about A-Rod's juicing so they won't get mocked.

It happened in 2009 so you know what happens afterward when the Sox found a way to lose nine of last ten meetings with the Yankees and gets worfed in the playoffs.

Then it gets worse from there as the luck they had in 2004 is being repaid. I really need to stop droning on, but you get my point on ironic humor.
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