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12/26/2011 c1 Permanently Absent
I am deeply sorry that you have a mother who is an alcoholic and yes, know and realize that it is not your fault. She isn't allowing herself to feel her emotions and so she is trying to escape. Regardless of the situation there is not ever a reason to become an alcoholic as it does destroy the person more and more. I am sorry that you have had to go through with this and your mother. I have a question do you think that you can convince her to go look into getting help? Maybe this time if you convinced her to feel something she would realize that it is you she needs to feel more bad for than herself as you are her daughter and she is hurting you by doing this.

If you don't think that it is possible how about you talking to someone about this, for yourself it will give you the tools that you need to be able to cope. I hope this then means that your father is decent to you as having one parent like this is enough.

I read the information that you had shared about yourself and I think that is amazing all of your likes and loves, seriously. I am happy that you are thinking toward your future, you do have to put yourself first really because if you don't you will lose yourself in her misery.

I wish you much luck and happiness in your life. I ask that you please take this advice that I have given you especially you talking to someone about this, seriously. Also know that I only say what I mean and nothing more.

I hope that you always remember to be nice to yourself and to respect yourself. If your mother followed this she wouldn't be an alcoholic and she would allow for herself to feel her emotions, eventually allowing herself to heal. One can't heal without feeling their emotions, one must accept things in order to move on and change them.

Again, good luck to you and may you have much love in your life/positive things really.

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