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for Women: Then and Now

1/13/2014 c1 1YveBushido00
Late night poetry...and I stumbled upon this one :)

The status of women has changed a lot. It almost seems unimaginable to not be able to go to school, read, write, be scientific, or totally artsy...a lot of progress in so little time. That's awesome.

You point out a lot of the symbolic and figurative aspects of art, from leading armies to motherhood. There's a lot of dynamic in this short poem...I love it.

What would have made this even better is maybe a glimpse at the current status of women. Though women have made a lot of progress, there's still a lot of limiting factors, especially institutionalized problems in developed countries, like the glass ceiling or how women aren't treated or paid the same way as men in the same jobs, sex trafficking, cultural treatment of women, and a whole bunch of other stuff. This is already great but maybe a verse about the current status of girls and women and what you hope the future is like...that would have made it comprehensive and amazing.

Nice rhyme scheme, and the mythology skit at the end is quirky, lol. Thank you for writing this!


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