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for Ignorance is Bliss

10/9/2012 c1 missyb1988
aww like it :) but you really need to write another story come on! lol
3/4/2012 c1 2Take Me To My Fragile Dreams
This is... wow. I'm speechless. I just can't- wow. Umm what to say to this? It’s just- ok.

It’s as if you are describing a tale of an innocent girl who falls for a man who is simply using her (Lingering lies, that are leisurely whispered... Idealistically ignored)

And whilst she knows he is using her, and lying to her she ignores it and unwillingly falls in love with the lies he feeds her (As whispers of love lead the blind... For if acknowledged She knows instead That all is lost All love is dead)

And so she pretends that the lie is real and he isn’t using her (So as if naive She finds herself Always with a smile For his clever charm Can do no harm)

I'm sorry if that was completely wrong from what you were trying to portray, but that’s just what I got from it. ...Almost like the 'ignorance' that comes with love...


2/27/2012 c1 eyal d
i peed a little(okay a lot) when i read this. plz take my israeli flower of innocence you bodacious mamafunk
1/18/2012 c1 6Alexa Rg
While whispers of love lead blindly... it does show exactly how reality takes place

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