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for Soldiers of the Black Plague

7/30/2002 c1 9Maury Hime
Interesting story. I've read this like back in March and I didn't review it...I'm such a baka at times.

Anywayz, this was quite an interesting story. Nice job.
5/31/2001 c1 Britz
DAMN! That was fantastic! I could not take my eyes off the screen, it was a work of brilliance, a masterpiece, top-quality grade-A horror.
5/30/2001 c1 1Dreamstrifer
Heya! I like this one too, very weird. "There’s not a soul alive who can’t navigate the building." Too true of Metro my friend, too true. But fuhrmann did tell me he got lost on his first day there. He would! Are there any tunnels at Metro that you haven't told anyone about, Darce?

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