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for Celestial Reign: Baying for the Moon

7/3/2012 c23 psychotic-cat17
Xol's powers are certainly advancing, but I like that there are consequences to using them so she couldn't use them all the time even if she was the type of person to do so. I do feel bad for Ileana because it's got to be so difficult for her to sit at home in the capital when she knows her mate is in imminent danger.

Thanks for writing.
7/2/2012 c23 Guest
I think our little Xol inspired a few legends that day. Nice.
7/1/2012 c23 Anon723723723
Xol is a badass.

You are now imagining her running at the enemy, fully ablaze and yelling "Falcon Punch!".
7/1/2012 c23 Guest
Great battle scenes liked how they all flowed together. Can't wait for the next chapter.
7/1/2012 c20 Guest
I like it.
7/1/2012 c19 Guest
I'm a loving it. The pace of the story is real good. Keep it up.
7/1/2012 c17 Guest
Ho Ho Ho! so Ileana been taken since she was five. Poor Xol never had a chance hahaha... keep it up.
7/1/2012 c16 Guest
Damn it made me go all misty eyed as Xol and Ileana were married. I loved it.
6/29/2012 c22 Biodragon
I would not do well in the opposing army, would just see Xol's hands on fire and be "screw you guys i'm going home"
6/26/2012 c22 Greek Chorus
Great battle scene! Really enjoyed how Xol incorporated the terrain in her strategy. Plus the guerrilla tactics were a nice touch. Sun Tzu would be quite pleased. Also, it was very satisfying to see Xol use her gift and the results of said use. Thanks for the very enjoyable update!
6/25/2012 c22 4Kitsune Mistress
YES! I'm always SOOOO happy when you update! XD And what's really great - I pride myself on this accomplishment - is that I'm pretty sure I convinced my straight friend that she NEEDS to read this. I gave the whole synopsis for Tears of the Sun, and she was like "Awww, that's so sweet!" so... yeah, I am tainting to pure, for a good cause! ME FTW! Errm, sorry, on to this review. FUCKING FINALLY! I'm SOOOO glad that Xol finally got some recognition, even if only a little, because she really needed it, and everyone was being blind and/or stupid, never mind the fact that she look incredibly unassuming. Shit, I would wage war like her; I don't understand how Leon was so touchy about it - hasn't he ever heard the phrase "All's fair in love and war?" I mean, if Xol has to fuck some stuff up for the one she loves, while she's waging a war, I'd say she's definitely in the right to do so. Dang, I kinda forgot that she couldn't read or write - awwww, poor her, she never learned! :'( I don't know where I'd be if I could read or write... I'd like to think, very depressed... because then I couldn't read this. Oh gawd, the idea of it brings a tear to my eye!

And it's actually super-duper funny that Kwen can. You'd never think that he'd bother to learn it, but as far as I can tell, he knows probably more than Xol. I'm kinda disappointed that Mei didn't make some sexual comment to Ileana when it comes to her fighting, I was waiting for it, and it never came. Boo. U_U Ahh well, I guess I'll just have to live with le disappointment, and focus on the fact that this update was fantastic and I absolutely love whenever Xol is badass. Oh, and GO ILEANA, standing up to the childish daijinn! She's brave - and I also noticed how it displayed her stong points, ya know, basically right after Mei went over them with her.

HaHA! I have accomplished giving you a long, detailed review, therefore, I win - and you are continuing to be amazing - so I shall leave and wish you a good week. Luego! ;3
6/25/2012 c22 psychotic-cat17
Yeah, Xol finally used her powers. I love how everyone always immediately falls in line when Xol shows off her powers, and it just speaks to the kind of person (daijinn) she is that she only uses them when they're necessary. I hope things continue to go well for them in the war, and that word gets out to other potentially enemies of their country that they can defend successfully.

Thanks for writing.
6/24/2012 c22 Kitmaro
Holy dogs of war Batman that was exciting! Seriously I love fight scenes. Congrats to Xol on her first victory of war.
6/24/2012 c22 onezero
Not that surprising that Xol can't write or read much. She spent more time in the kitchen as free labour than at Ileana's side, not to mention that she's usually quiet and statue-like in strangers' presence when they are young. I am surprised that Ileana didn't realise it, after working with Xol for so long going over documents and courtly duties and so on. Great chapter. I love it when Xol uses her ability in battles.
6/24/2012 c22 anonymous
More I want more of the little goddess and her mate this very good.
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