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8/9/2012 c35 3charmedblush
Oh I love Phinn! Phinn and Elena love for the win :) Lawson is just so dry and TOO perfect prince. Phinn is the most interesting character, he has so many layers.
8/5/2012 c37 akashan.22
Thank you for the much anticipated kiss between Lawson and Elena. A sweet, lingering kiss before heading off to a suicide mission is the best kind of kiss, just the best X]
7/15/2012 c50 Fletching
Lovely! I'm glad that Lawson has at least regained his sight and possibly his strength. It's great that Elena is determined to find her place with the Sons even though as pointed out, she isn't really of much use aside from a possible 'special ability'.

I have a question though. In the first book, Elena mentioned that she was in fact, not chaste at all.

"Of course, Elena would not say she wasn't a virgin. That would sort of nullify any credibility she had at this point."

- The Kingdom of Rain, Chapter 6

How was her 'chaste' blood able to free the Sons from the binding? And her ability to have visions? Hope you'll clear this up in the next book and then I won't be as confused!

Great job!
5/13/2012 c50 Dashita Tichou
Oh my gosh! Foreshadowing is totally evil! That man might've been Hunt! I'm right, aren't I? *Bounces around excitedly*
5/9/2012 c48 1lobsterwife
OMGGG! That was kind of intense. I was really nervous for Lawson, honestly. Anything can happen in this series, so I kind of thought he was going to die or Hunt would kill him or something. When he took that for Quentin I was tearing a little. Lawson and Quentin have such a good relationship. I can't believe it started out with Lawson hating him ;_; So is this the last of Hunt? ARghghghg! I don't know! He can only come back as a demon if someone kills him, right? Hmm. May I ask how many books you are planning to write for this series?
5/9/2012 c47 LikeABawss
Wha! Really? A cliffhanger here? Lawson's already so weak, will he actually survive another infection, since the previous one is already affecting him? Won't that just speed up the process of his infection and kill him.. Unless the whole infecting the sons in their rightful kingdom thing will veto it? Gah, don't kill off Lawson.. Unless that was your plan all along to get Phinn and Elena together since it makes sense that the child of a chaste beauty would only want a chaste beauty or former chaste beauty, like the kings personal guard said! All these possibilities! I can't wait to find out what happens next!
5/5/2012 c46 lobsterwife
AHAHDHSJ CLIFFHANGER! What's happening _ Ufhg I felt really bad for Phinn because I think it'd be a cool development thing if he learned magic or whatever, but he can't read. I'd like to know what language the books are written in actually (like what's it called). I like calling it Windings, but I'm curious about the official name. And Emma is okayyy! That's good. Poor thing was probably scared to death. I loved her hugging Hayden. So precious ;_; Ughfh what will happen next? God I hope they don't get separated now.
5/1/2012 c43 lobsterwife
Ohhhh gosh. Something is going to happen. I can feel it. A huge cliffhanger. I mean, we're only a few chapters away from the end. Ughfgh. Anyway, this chapter made me kind of sad. Elena wants to help everyone out so badly. Her spirit is so admirable, and I love it. And I could write essays about how Phinn affects me as a character. That line about how he doesn't want to see anything wonderful about himself? *sobs* And how he's scared of hurting Elena, but his emotions are so volatile. And Lawson ;_; I'm really nervous about him. Will he really sacrifice himself? Ughgh I'm so curious!
4/26/2012 c41 lobsterwife
HOLY COW! I remembered the message you sent me a while back in which you said I guessed something right about the characters. I'm assuming this is it because the CB/Observational Powers theory I came up with was right on the money! Wow! That's really exciting! This chapter might be in my top five for the whole series actually. Steinorth is an interesting guy. I was very shocked to find out about his real dad. This leads me to worry about his future in the story. Especially when he mentioned having kids. I hope he stays alive. And wow! The info presented in this chapter is great. I've been curious about Phinn and Anya for a long time. They always seem to know things that others don't. And I often got the same feeling from Elena. And those things about her being not shallow. That's probably why the boys are so attracted to her. And it makes me wonder about Phinn's previous encounters with Chaste Beauties. Did he have a connection to them? His relationship/friendship/thing with Elena has definitely become more interesting to me because of all this. I hope she can talk to him about this in the future. Now I'll have to go back through the series and pick out all the places where Phinn and Anya have used their cool powers lol. I'm excited to see how the Sons react to Elena stowing away on the Kingdom haha. So great!
4/23/2012 c40 lobsterwife
Well this is getting interesting. I'm assuming this Edward is the man from the Audience of Three from the way he's described. But how did he get on Thunder? And why is he there? I have no clue. As always, Cole is the best. I love his friendship with Elena. It's so sweet and great. I hope the other Sons aren't too mad if they find out Elena followed them. And I hope nothing happens to Cole or Ryder. Wouldn't that suck? Oh Lawson. I have so many mixed feelings for the guy. Sacrificing himself for Emma is real brave, bur I dunno. I hope he doesn't get himself in trouble. Hmm. We're getting closer to the end. I wonder what's gonna happen!
4/20/2012 c38 lobsterwife
Aw I really liked this chapter. It was kind of sad seeing Elena's optimism cracking a little. I consider her the "heart" of the group. Kind of like the light everyone looks to when they're feeling hopeless. So it's really crappy when that light dims a bit. But I can understand what she's feeling. She's so attached emotionally to these people. If anyone dies I can't really guess what Elena would do. I'm not that good at predicting things in the first place, but I honestly can't guess what Elena would do if that happened. I don't know what I would do either haha. Anyway, Cole is great but that's not anything new. Sigh I'm really worried about the next few chapters. We're nearing that home stretch. I can already tell this book is going to end on some nasty cliffhanger.
4/17/2012 c37 lobsterwife
Hahaha right when I decide to start rooting for Phinn, Lawson swoops in and charms the pants off of Elena. Sigh, my Romance Radar (or whatever it's called) is EXTREMELY off. Sage is my favorite haha. I love that line "and she was judging them hardcore". Oh god. I wish I had a picture of Sage's expression so I could write JUDGING YOU under it. I could use it for everyday conversation. Sage is definitely the Queen of the Cockblock. And yeahhhH! The antidote is working? That's great news! I hope Ryder comes around soon. I kind of miss her. This sort of character development will probably be good for her too. I recall her being very condescending before. Maybe she'll have grown up from the experience? The thought of another man controlling her body and making her do things is a very harrowing thought. It's kind of scary, and I don't like thinking about it too much.
4/17/2012 c37 Dashita Tichou
Oohlahlah! Fancy!
4/16/2012 c36 fanx2
If youre really going to kill one of these guys off, it better not be Cole. or phinn. or hayden. or any of them actually! dont kill any of them please!
4/16/2012 c35 fanx2
I hate you for how invested youve forced me to become in these characters. youre implying one of them is going to die and I dont want that.
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