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3/29/2012 c17 deadgummiegirl
That was a really heartbreaking way for Quentin to figure out he was cursed. I'm sure if it was any of the other sons, they wouldn't have been able to pick out that little detail. I think that shows that even if Quentin has problems, he really does love and care for Jenny. I was kind of questioning if everything he did was genuine after I found out about his mother.

And it was really good of Lawson to admit at least one of his flaws. Even if it wasn't just to be nice.
3/29/2012 c16 deadgummiegirl
Wow. I am so behind on this story it's not even funny. I actually had to go back and skim the previous two chapters to remember exactly what was going on. It was nice that some of the siblings had some 'normal' moments together. Even if it is akward. I'm really excited to be able to catch up on this.
3/28/2012 c29 1lobsterwife
Urghhhh this is so creepy. Hunt's use of psychological torture is really freaky. I'm very worried for Emma although I'm pretty sure Hunt won't do anything to hurt her. Maybe he doesn't have her at all? I'm not sure with him. He's playing mind games and it's wigging me out. Poor Cole :( I don't want anything bad to happen to him because I love him so much *sigh* I wonder if Marry will be okay with cutting herself up for some Chaste Blood? Haha.
3/22/2012 c27 lobsterwife
Haha I need some more Anya in my life. I don't know why. I like her, but at the same time she annoys with me with her treatment of Elena and Phinn. Crazy mother-in-law indeed. Right now I'm sort of upset with her because she keeps calling Phinn stupid. It's funny to me because she is so determined to see him a certain way. Like he's so utterly helpless and unable to do anything without her guidance. I guess it makes her feel better about herself. That she's taking care of someone else and shaping them into what she wants. Maybe Anya likes the idea of someone needing her? It makes me a bit sad that she doesn't understand her son's true potential. Phinn can be smart, I think. No one gives him the opportunity, or they count him out in the intelligence department. I think he's smarter than people take him for. I hope he can show that side of himself to Anya in the future. Also I'm enjoying the whole Madeline/Elena plotline although it's kind of sad they can't be friends. But I can relate to Elena's situation, in a way. I know some girls who are like Madeline, and I'm a bit annoyed or envious of their effortless appearances and "sweet" personalities. I'm curious to see this plotline progress because it seems like Madeline is trying to catch Lawson's attention, but he's not having any of it. Let's see what happens in the next chapter, shall we?
3/18/2012 c25 lobsterwife
Okay so I'm kind of freaking the hell out right now! This is crazy intense. Everything was all nice and easygoing the first half of this chapter, but then AHHH! I am seriously so worried right now. It's not even funny. Everyone who is missing (sans Turner) has their Kingdoms taken by Hunt. I'm choosing to see this as important because I am wacky like that. Oh my god. I'm so nervous. I feel like crying I'm so worried for these made-up people haha. BUT IT'S RYDER! God. She's probably a Thar and everyone in that room is injured and/or helpless. AHHHH! I'm not one to pester for updates since you already have the best updating speed in the History of Fictionpress, but I hope you get the next chapter to us soon. I can't handle the suspense-especially with a cliffhanger like that. Oh ma god.
3/17/2012 c24 lobsterwife
I was pretty much shouting EW this entire chapter haha. What sort of conversation starter was that? The Sons are so gossipy. It made me sad that they thought so lowly of Phinn and Anya's relationship. I don't like how she hits him, but she DOES care about him in some weird way. Also: does Lawson have an Oediple complex? Haha. What a weird chapter haha. I'm sad that Ryder is full on Thar right now, but I'm excited to see Anya again. I love the crazy mother-in-law/exasperated daughter-in-law relationship between Anya and Elena. I'm also curious to see what Maddy's vision is about. Until next time!
3/15/2012 c23 lobsterwife
Hmph! I don't like Maddy that much either. Maybe it's because I've also spent so much time with the Sons that I feel like defending them from scrutiny like Elena does. This chapter was really good, but also made me feel kind of bad for also forgiving Phinn's actions so easily. Like I know what he did was (in black and white terms) wrong. But then you factor in his mother's manipulation and telling him what he was doing was OKAY because those girls would be in danger if he didn't. I know I look bad rationalizing it, but GAH. Phinn is like my favorite character because he's changed so dramatically from our first meeting with him. He's gone from trying to choke Elena to death to protecting her and (supposedly) falling in love with her? I don't know. This chapter makes me feel bad for liking him wahhhhhh D: Anyway, I wonder if Elena's immediate dislike of Maddy is influenced by intuition? I know I had this wacky theory that ex-Chaste Beauties have like super intuition powers in the past, but this makes me wonder. It's kind of funny if you think about it. Elena never disliked the Sons so strongly as she does Maddy, and the Sons are all TERRIBLE people haha. She never felt "repelled" by them (even Phinn who I think she felt an inkling of sympathy for). Maddy's reaction to Phinn is also SOOO different from Elena's. It's kind of hilarious. Ugh I just have a lot of feelings for your characters. It's terrible. Ugh. The thing I love about your characters is that, yes, they have done really bad things in the past, but that doesn't define them. I feel really crappy for rationalizing a rapist, but goddamnit it's hard not to like that guy, okay? Lawson threatened to cut off Elena's hands, Turner's a drunk idiot, Sage beats up on everyone, god knows what Quentin's done in his Bad Quentin mode. But god. You just want them to win. Because Lawson's actually really endearing, and Turner's trying his best to be taken seriously, the whole backstory with Sage's mother and her, and Quentin has a wife and a baby. You just want them all to win. This is really rambly and terrible, but I don't know. This chapter made me re-think a lot of things about the characters, and it hurt kind of? I guess it takes someone from the outside to show you how not normal someone is. :(
3/13/2012 c22 lobsterwife
Damn. I thought we were going to see Maddy this chapter :( I got all excited too. I've been waiting for the new CB since the beginning of book three haha. I have my theories about this girl which I'll keep to myself since it would be embarrassing if they were wrong haha. Elena is coming into her own, and I love her for it. I'm happy that she's so assertive when it comes to staying with the Sons. Sage and Phinn were great in this chapter *cries* What Sage said made me think back to their first meeting. You know, when she was beating the crap out of an already injured Phinn, and Elena stood up to her for him. Sage said she liked her guts back then too (I'm paraphrasing but whatever). And when Phinn pretty much said he'd keep her safe *sobbbbs* That boy has made me tear up on several occasions, but goodness. I just love everything, and I'm anxious about seeing Maddy. I need Elena to have more gal pals for slumber parties and the like haha. So excited!
3/12/2012 c21 fanx2
see? SEE? theyre obviously perfect for each other. girl, what are you doing with Lawson? She'll figure it out.

Ugg, i hate being caught up with teh chapters. I like being able to read ten of them in a row but I hate waiting! You always update super fast but hurry up even faster!
3/12/2012 c20 fanx2

I kinda wanted Elena to get together with Phinn but I can accept this slight detor until she eventually gets there...
3/12/2012 c19 fanx2
hahahaha! I didnt expect that! And I loved all the guys' reactions and how Sage abused her power like that. poor Turner. Good thing COles around.
3/12/2012 c18 fanx2
who was it? icant linger any longer because I have to keep reading. great chapter!
3/12/2012 c17 fanx2
Quentins such a badass. Im glad hes back. And Im guessing Lawson is going to do something to redeem himself in the climax of this book.
3/12/2012 c16 fanx2
Cute little chapter. I bet the group of them have never had a conversation like that before. It was fun to read and get more information about them as people.
3/12/2012 c15 fanx2
so much awesomeness in this chapter! First, Phinn is awesome because he makes the best predictions. Thenm, turner is awesome because he was defending Elenas honor by being willing to fight Phinn but theres no way he could win. and then cole is just awesome because hes great.

theyre really all very good characters with lots of dimensions. i love this new friendship between elena and COle. They used to have a fun relationship, but now its so close. very sweet
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