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2/25/2012 c14 Guest
Can't say I didn't see that one coming, about Elena forgetting to inform them I mean. Anyways, can't wait to see this new CB. Good chappie:)
2/24/2012 c11 deadgummiegirl
Sage is such a huge bitch! I really can't stand her sometimes, but I'm also kind of glad she's back. I was missing someone being the "bad sibling" of the group since Phinn is currently incapacitated. Poor Quentin, but I'm looking forward to Jenny returning. I really miss the characters that we don't see very often.
2/24/2012 c10 deadgummiegirl
The Thar infection now seriously freaks me out. It was freaky before but now that Cole has really explained what happens it just sounds horrible to see that happen to someone and even worse to have to go through it. And now, randomly I think Elena and Hayden would make a good couple. Perhaps some of the other sons might think that and pick up on it;)
2/24/2012 c9 deadgummiegirl
Well at least half of the group is back together and getting treated for their various injuries:) Sometimes there are moments in the siblings relationships that make me think: really:\. Like they so don't have a filter between their brain and their head! But at least Lawson was smart enough to not beat up Cole. If he did he probably could have killed him again.
2/24/2012 c8 deadgummiegirl
I liked these new, sweet little moments between Cole and Elena. It's like she's become a real big sister to him. Someone he can look up to and go to if he needs something. And for some reason after Elena killing another, it feels like she's even more a part of the "team" than before. Maybe it shows the Sons she's valuable even if she isn't a Chaste Beauty(even if they don't know that.)
2/24/2012 c7 deadgummiegirl
I'm so glad Cole is alright. Although I did have a feeling that you wouldn't just kill him off, but then again I never really know what you're gonna do. And I'm looking forward to if this really changes Cole's attitude. I think it will(and I hope it does.) I can't wait for the other son's reactions to Elena's heroics.
2/23/2012 c12 fanx2
you know, I hope they get the call for the new CHaste Beauty before Elena tells them because I think their reactions would be more dramatic that way than if she told them personally. Youve already written these chapters a long time ago though havent you?
2/23/2012 c11 fanx2
Its okay. battle scars are cool. Who needs both ears anyway? So happy QUentins alright. I like him too. Hes been gone for too long.
2/23/2012 c10 fanx2
Sage will be there. definitely! is there a middle case scenerio?
2/23/2012 c9 fanx2
Coles such a great character. I like that he remains bratty even though hes decided he wants to be a hero. I guess you cant change your personality evem if you can change your behavior
2/23/2012 c8 fanx2
o.o admittedly, I like it when things go wrong. But after these last few chapters, things going right occasionally are okay with me too
2/23/2012 c7 fanx2
good god. so lucky. I like the throwback to the old theme from the previous book. so much foreshadowing its great. I wonder if it would mean as much to cole if Jackson hadnt sacrificed himself too?
2/23/2012 c6 fanx2
WHAT. in my previous review, I was kidding! I dont want them to die! especially not cole! Hes one of my favorites! That sound Elena heard had better be cole coming back to life
2/23/2012 c5 fanx2
hahaha as much as I want them all to make it through this unharmed, i can imagine how interesting it would be if one of them ended up dying.
2/23/2012 c4 fanx2
I mean...wow. I was trying to visualize what everything looked like all tiped over. awesome job.
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