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for Rape Poem

2/10/2006 c1 1NeoAddctee
I love it.
7/16/2002 c1 Annie
Hmmm... it speaks for itself.
3/13/2002 c1 Ceilidhl
This was structured very... creatively? Interesting point of view.
9/22/2001 c1 LemonadeBunny
That's really good. Speaks volumes.
9/18/2001 c1 amanda
that's so sad. i'm sorry you had to go through that :(
9/9/2001 c1 sos
HA! yopu don't blame him... for flips sake! cmon! I don't like this. which is rare wiht me... but I don't like the feelings, they aren't someone whos helpless but they have the views of someone who is helpless. have you ever been raped? you blame the person. no, this sin't done right, i'm sorry, thats my opinion. sos
9/3/2001 c1 1Formerly Switchblade Malfoy
If I have nothing nice to say, I won't say anything at all. So I won't say anything at all. Actally, what I want to to know, is that some poeople that have been raped don't appreciate that kind of thing...
6/13/2001 c1 Carly
wow...just wow...
5/31/2001 c1 33Whispering Night
This is so sad! I feel terrible for you for having to go through this, and I've been through it too. Doesn't it seem so terrible that some guys just ruin a relationship because they can't control their urges?
5/30/2001 c1 13Lina Inverse the Dramata
Oh my. I wish some guys would actually get this through their head... Rape ****ing sucks. and it's one of the worst things a person can do besides murder, kidnapping, and molestation...
5/30/2001 c1 American Ronin
A very good poem. But I am curious as to your motivation. I mean no offense, but were you a rape victim, or is this to prove a point?

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