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2/27/2012 c1 Tawny Owl
I was going to dive back into Thorns and Brambles, but this intrigued me. Plus I loved the image of damsel clinging to the statues feet.

I’ve been browsing a bit and your first line has been the only thing that’s dragged me in so far. I do think there’s more scope to play about with the description of the sounds being heard. The rape and pillage line was a tell rather than a show that sapped the atmosphere a bit.

And how does she know there is five of them? Did she see them out the window?

Very Cassandra. Although the dipping back to explain how she sees but isn’t believe slows the story down a great deal.

Oh, yay, it is Cassandra. I was so peeved when they left her out of Troy. So is the brother buried on the hill Hector? Otherwise I was going to ask how they had time to bury him if there was a war going on?

Liked the idea of the door quaking – old doors that no longer quite fit their frames do that.

Although I’m confused by what happened to the five enemy soldiers who were approaching. It didn’t really connect with the end and made me feel a bit disorientated.

The thread of her despair runs through this very well. Although if you are going to break a promise to a god you have to expect them to be p*ssed at you.

I enjoyed this, but it did feel like a first chapter rather than a short story as there wasn’t a lot of structure to it. Is there going to be any more?
2/16/2012 c1 24Amethystars
I thought this story was really powerful, in the emotions you conveyed and the words you used to convey them. Cassandra makes a great heroine, and despite the rather tragic subject the story doesn't get bogged down in depressing-ness, it stays nice and focused on Cassandra's personal story. Lovely piece of work!
2/9/2012 c1 58Inkspilled
I have only one nitpick:

"Through her narrow window, she could see the stars twinkling above her." -As you use 'her' quite a bit, changing it to 'the narrow window' might sound better.

Anyways, I like your take on the prompt. The use of mythology to put a unique spin on the current situation worked well. It had just enough background for us to be able to relate to her, so the pacing was well done. Your descriptions of the sky I found particularly nice, and I like that the descriptions weren't too heavy either. Good job, pulled me right in. :)
2/9/2012 c1 16Dragon made me do it
You present an interesting perspective here of the soothsayer who nobody will listen to. People talk a lot about the ethical and philosophical implications of having knowledge of, and therefore the ability to change the future, and the paradoxes that arise from this. But this is quite a unique perspective of having knowledge of the future combined with a stubborn unwillingness to pay attention to that knowledge. Reminds me a little of climate change denialists.

Bringing in the gender element makes it even more interesting, as historically much of the knowledge held by women has been written off as hysterical ramblings or witchcraft. bringing it back to the prompt, this focus on not listening to somebody dismissed as crazed, could almost be applied to women as a whole in some societal contexts. You have raised an interesting issue here in a subtle way, that is not preachy, as it focuses on one woman's story.

I think you ended it at a good point, because it gave the readers credit to work things out for themselves.

just one very picky thing, feel free to ignore: 'the spoils of war owed from nine years of bitter war'- the repetition of 'war' stood out to me, perhaps the second one could be replaced by 'combat' or something.

Well done and good luck :-)
2/8/2012 c1 4lookingwest
Nice choice for this prompt. Cassandra's curse fits perfectly into the theme and I really enjoyed it here. I think you did a good job characterizing her, and sticking closely to the events of what I'm assuming is the fall of Troy? I'm not extremely well versed in mythology but I think I knew just enough to keep up with this. I liked the way that you captured the tone through a narrative that had no dialogue. The pacing was just right so that I never became bored, and your descriptions mixed with Cassandra's fear and the wait accumulated into a perfect ending. I felt the tension build and build and I'm not sure it really released either, which I also like.

Well done with this piece, and good luck in the WCC :)
2/8/2012 c1 29YasuRan
Now this was awesome. Loved the reference to Greek mythology. It made for an intriguing piece, especially from the perspective of the character depicted.

'Somewhere among the men pillaging her city was a man who would spend years at sea' - I'm assuming this is a reference to The Iliad? (haven't revisited my Greek myths lately. apologies ^^)

A very good piece, anyway. Good luck in the competition.

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