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for An Island Feels No Pain

9/6/2016 c25 serwaverider
I enjoyed this story but was expecting more resolutions before the end.
9/6/2016 c21 serwaverider
Out drink a Scot? Good luck with that.!
9/6/2016 c19 serwaverider
Another good chapter. And I'm not jealous...well just a little. And bitter. And sarcastic. And I have been told that I do not suffer fools gladly. When speaking of children in the Scottish bairns can be used too, if you didn't already know that.
9/6/2016 c17 serwaverider
Delightful and authentic, a good break from the drama and suspense.
9/6/2016 c15 serwaverider
It is no wonder that Mason is thinking things over, Doug has a lot of issues, and his habit of taking it out on the nearest person is unacceptable, especially Mason. Doug's past explains his behaviour but does not excuse it. Once you become an adult who you are and how you treat people is your choice, or should be. Otherwise, it's a WIP.
9/5/2016 c13 serwaverider
Put a tear in my eye, and I'm a cynical grumpy ol' bastard with a heart of flint. Must be the painkillers.
9/5/2016 c9 serwaverider
This chapter was beautifully written, my throat tightened up. I hope I can do that for my readers someday.
6/9/2016 c25 30Jessica Hunter

I like this story! I like that the characters build in a relationship and not just jumping to the sex. The characters are intricately designed and fall into place as the story progressed!

I notice that the story isn't marked as COMPLETE. there are some cliff hangers but nothing that I wouldn't be ok with playing out in my mind. lol But are you still working on this story?
6/8/2016 c7 Jessica Hunter
I'm sure it was an over sight, but I pretty sure that Doug is 27 on their date (chapter 5?), then in chapter 7, you have mason say he is 28.

I love the story thus far!
1/24/2016 c25 A.R
Are you going to update this story. I need more! Please update soon
10/29/2015 c25 FreakLovesKink
Probably one of the best M rated stories on Fictionpress.
4/4/2015 c25 Guest
My word, this is a magnum opus if I've ever read one. Very cute, funny, and excellent in character development, especially with mason and Doug. Although you tend to repeat yourself a lot in how the characters think and what they think about, this story doesn't ramble on too much in general. So I think it's rather nice :) can't wait to read more!
3/30/2015 c25 1noda9912
This is great! The characters sound like they're actually different people writing from their point of views. I love this story. It's moving at a good pace too. Not to fast but enough that you can't wait to read the next chapter. Speaking of which, i can't wait for the next chapter to come out
1/18/2015 c25 Daime Guiral
Oh please update soon I can't get enough of this story it's so great!
1/10/2015 c25 16DevilDragon of Pain
Oh how I have missed this story! So wonderfully written and visual and emotional. Well worth the wait. I look forward to the next chapter.
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