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for The Story of Prince Geoff, Erien, and a Troll

11/23/2004 c4 21Bloodlilly
funny! i especially like the bit about 'it's not supposed to rain on quests!' you've a knack for humor. I laughed out loud a few times, which is always proof that something is funny! ^.^
7/22/2002 c4 Bil
Fantastic fun! I love your characters, they're absoltely brilliant.
12/22/2001 c4 ecko vale
it would be fun if erien had magic :)- great writing
12/22/2001 c4 8Snowshoe Hare
I must agree with Kara Angellle, that a mare is most definitely not a male. Whether the definition including having given birth, I don't know. Maybe you could make him a gelding instead (a castrated male horse). This is very good, and I do hope you continue to expound on it. Somehow Geoff doesn't seem completely spineless and a sap, which he could easily have become, I imagine. I congratulate you on your skill in keeping him (at least in my opinion) an individual in the face of Erien's strong personality. This is rather long, and so shall finish. Farewell
11/24/2001 c4 2Jenny the chica
Ack! more, More, MORE! Who cares about your busy schedule? (j/k..i do...and can relate..BUT) you MUST review, or else I'll sic the Great Turkey on you (and you'll just hav to read my story now to fully understand that dire threat! mwahahahaha...) Tootles! ~Jenny the chica~
9/27/2001 c1 1gemmie
sorry, forgot to add story to fav ...
9/27/2001 c4 gemmie
LOL! great story! poor geoff ... oh well, he should get some adventures ... i can't wait for more!
9/26/2001 c4 6Tyria Bell
Winnnnnnnndy! It's good! Who are those new people? I wanna know! Erien's rather stubborn ya know? "Twelfth princes, as a rule, didn't go on quests. Neither did girls, but Geoff had stopped telling Erien that several frying pan wavings ago" 's a cute line. Ok, I'm gonna go now!
9/25/2001 c4 3Kara Angelle
Ack! Windy! you jus said last time that Carrot was a Him, a mare is a female horse which has already given birth. No horse can be a him and a her at the same time! Ack! you really do know nothing of horses, do you? Guess what! I actually posted my pathetic excuse for a B&tB fanfic, yu c'n go an read it if ya want, I posted the first two chapters at almost the same time, tell me whatcha think!
9/25/2001 c4 17ArwenStar914
Yay! Another chapter! Who hoo! **does a little jig** Don't worry m'dear, we all have school, and we all know how hard it is to update, and we will not do anything rash. (Unless, of course, you take 22 days to updates Belonging to Someone... *HINT HINT*...) Erm, yes, anyways... Wonderful chapter! Excellent! I do so love your stories. This is a splendid one. Do write more soon. Lovely. **ArwenStar**
9/4/2001 c3 Angel
As I said on MotN, I LOVE this story, Erien reminds me of what you would be like if you happened to somehow be transported to this era. She also reminds me of how I would LIKE to behave back then, but probably would lack the courage to speak up, she's very straitforward and says whatever pops into her mind. Anyways, I like this chapter, an I thought you meant she'd actually use her frying pan on somebody, but the frying pan sorta just sat there, very uninteresting on the part of the frying pan...
9/3/2001 c3 ArwenStar914
Yay! =) Short, yes, but still cute. =) Ack, yes, curse wicked school. Stealing our time to write stories, precious, yes, it is precious... sorry, I'm tired and hence the Gollum thing... anywhoo, nice chapter, can't wait for the next one! =) **ArwenStar**
7/20/2001 c2 1eva-kokaze-black
HOhohoho. I like it I like it...Erien, what a girl. As for Geoff...hm. We shall see, right? (We shall see _quickly_, right?)
7/18/2001 c2 17ArwenStar914
Well, first off I like the chapter title, heehee. Second of all, I love this story! It's so good! They were so many great/funny lines that I can't pick one (or ten even)! I love the part where everyone's looking at Erien like she's crazy and trying to explain why her idea was absurd. I liked how you described the king's face and how Geoff fell off the window sill, heehee. I also like the Chief Chancellor, very interesting character. "For heaven's sake finish your sentences!" haha! And I like her distaste for being a "damsel in distress" heehee. And I like when she says, "That's lovely Geoff. Come make the horse hold still." =) Wonderful wonderful wonderful (as always). You must update soon! Off to see what else I must review. **ArwenStar**
7/18/2001 c1 ArwenStar914
Excellent, excellent, excellent. I liked the beginning where Erien went, "Good news!" she said. "I've found your troll. And it talks!" heehee. =) This is very good. I like Erien, my sort-of girl. Who says girls don't wear breeches? Heehee. Poor Geoff, I fear he shall be in for it with her. Ah well. Next chapter! **ArwenStar**
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