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for The Story of Prince Geoff, Erien, and a Troll

7/17/2001 c2 6Tyria Bell
Oh, I like! Erien is the perfect unlikely heroine!-did that make sense? She reminds me of my cousin, knows she's supposed to behave, but does things anyways...Very good! More!
7/17/2001 c2 11ArwenAria18
I LOVE Erien! She sounds a lot like my friend Melanie... who is sitting next to me laughing her head off for no apparent reason. Lala. Now, there were a lot of favorite lines in here, and I'm having trouble picking out a favorite... **scrolls up** "He had fallen off of the window sill when he had heard Erien's idea." was very good :):):):)

"There's a troll, sir, in the..."

"A troll! What kind of troll, where? Oh do speak up, man!"

"In the mountains, sir, it's a..."

"The mountains! What is it doing in the mountains? For heaven's sake finish your sentences!"

The egg-shaped man was the Chief Chancellor. He liked to tell other people what to do, and strut about shouting and looking important.

-I liked that very much also! What a character! :):) heehee! Oh, and Melanie liked the..."Now get up."

"I'm naked."

Erien gave an irritated sigh and turned around. -part. I wonder why? Just kidding. :) Heehee! ACK she's taking the bihgfaigdwuac *pops ArwenAria on the head* Watch your mouth! I LOVEEE THIS STORY! Actually, I love all your stories! I nearly died while you were gone! You have to make tons of updates to make up for it! ACK! She's got a spoon! *runs* Ahem. This is ArwenAria18 once again. Sorry about that digression, pay no attention whatsoever to that. I have regained consciousness, in case you were wondering. That hurt. ANYWAY - what was I saying? I don't remember. Well, this was GREAT and I look forward to the next chapter (hurry up with it, too **grins**) which I am sure is coming soon? Like, VERY soon? Of course it is. Anyway. That's enough rambling for today, farewell... -ArwenAria18
7/17/2001 c2 8Lilian Portia
I ultra-love!
6/13/2001 c1 11ArwenAria18
**laughs delightedly** so cute! I love fairy-tale stories wth unlikely heroines who never fit the status quo! Actually, I like fairy tales of all sorts. Anyway. Are you gonna continue with this one? I want to know what on earth the "troll" Erien found in the beginning was! And how come it was "his" troll, and why would it be so amazing or noteworthy that it talk? Continue: please continue! -ArwenAria18
6/7/2001 c1 1the cookie crumbler
he he he i like erien, but you could add a few details, like for instance why we first meet her carried in by a troll
6/4/2001 c1 Le Chat Noir
^_^ Nice ... A quest ... Continue, please ! It's cute !
6/1/2001 c1 Calliope
This is really cute! I do hope you continue!
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