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for Grass is Greener

3/17/2012 c3 15GHOTIfish
haha nice and cute chapter

but like, such a coincidence - I was listening to 4x4=12 when I was reading it. Wow. Ultra coincidence. Good thing someone else likes deadmau5 as well!
3/13/2012 c2 GHOTIfish
haha yeah it was very cute!
2/17/2012 c1 GHOTIfish
very nice intro
2/17/2012 c1 sydneyyyhoover
I love it! I like to give one thing i like and one thing i thnk could improve in my reviews, so here goes:

-I love love love the part where you say 'i threw away my 6 coke cans. i would have had one more, but the flight attendant was starting to worry about me.' :) it sounds like something i would do!

-I also am big on grammar and i noticed NO mistakes in this, and i notice all of that.

-Maybe in the next chapter be a little more descriptive?

Im excited for an update, because i think this story has potential! Im puting it on my story alert list :)

Sorry for such a long review...(:

2/17/2012 c1 2booknugget27
This story is really good and you are an amazing author! Keep up the good work!

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