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8/28 c24 Kae999
Now I'm sad - all because you chose to end this. *grin*

Thanks for your time and talent.
8/28 c14 Kae999
Great stuff - as in "I can't put it down"
7/1/2020 c24 secret-werewolves
I'm sorry to say most of the jargon and talk about electronics and the wars went over my head, but I can appreciate the character and world-building. Actions do have consequences, good or bad.
The first few chapters were especially funny though. Highschoolers being coached(drilled? Sorry but idk the correct terminology...) by a first-grade kid. hehe
11/10/2018 c24 Guest
Hell no! Don't you dare stop the story here. I want the next part. I want to see the ripples get as big as a Tsunami. I want to see the results of all the efforts, & how the world could have been better, or worse in some respects. The IDJUTS at the Pentegn could never leave well enough alone. Politicians believe in "If it works, we will fix it!" CIA says "if you are taking ALL orders from us, then you are against us." Big Pharma is a bigger threat than China. & Big brother is paranoid. What with churchianity, OBEducation, corruption, declining IQ, pollution, etc the future does not look bright. How could we fix it?
11/10/2018 c14 Guest
Good story telling. Good electronic facts & military background. If authors would write what they know best, they would sell more books. A very believable read, with excellent detail. It is in the top rated 2% of books I have read in my life.
8/19/2018 c20 Kuchka Cato
Just found this and have been reading straight to this point.
3am now and I better stop as it is a work day.
Interesting ideas. Generally well written.
Keep going please.
5/10/2018 c24 bmmcginty
The entire thing was glorious. Now off to find what else you've written.
5/10/2018 c14 bmmcginty
This entire thing rocks. I'd say more, but I'm way too busy reading it. Seriously, very nice.
12/26/2017 c24 Malcolm Brown
I thoroughly enjoyed this different take one the 'do-over' theme. All the military stuff went rather over my head but I thought the characters felt like real people.
4/9/2017 c24 5cornucopia
This reminds me of a novel 'Codename Athena' by Michel Poulin. Similar military strategist rethinking history with 20/20 hindsight
12/31/2016 c24 Guest
You suck! Stop polluting my bandwidth with cliffhangers! :D
Love the story. Keep it coming. :)
9/30/2016 c24 MisterCrown
I felt to guilty to not write a comment after all your asking. Even if it is writing left four years ago. I quite enjoyed reading this though it went very deep into some political matters that I didn't care for.
Basically: Good story.
9/30/2016 c14 MisterCrown
"You suck, stop polluting my bandwidth."
1/24/2016 c24 Guest
Wickedly Awesome.
I loved every chapter.
As a student of the timeperiod, I especially liked the take on vietnam.
It makes me wonder what I would do if I were magically made younger...
1/18/2016 c24 pff
interesting... very war focused.
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