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3/23/2012 c2 1ThePhantomFox
I'm gonna do both, if that's okay! :3

Full Name: Janet Gertrude O'Reilly

Birthday/Age: October 16, 15

Personality: Janet is a smart and wise girl, but is usually slacking off or sometimes partying. She is kind of snappy and disrespectful, but that can be made up for her caring deeply for her loved ones.

Style/Appearance/Celeb Look Alike (Optional): Janet has deep auburn, curly hair that goes down to her shoulders, green eyes, and fair skin. She is kind of scrawny, and is about 5' 2" and 120 lbs. She is usually seen wearing t-shirts with logos on them, jeans, and sneakers and always is seen wearing her lucky purple beanie.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes- Relaxing, sleeping, eating, partying (Sometimes). Dislikes- Being disturbed, reading, boredom, getting woken up early.

Fears: Losing her loved ones, reading out loud to a crowd.

Life Story: Janet had a happy life with her parents, especially when she heard about them having a baby. But when she was ten, the baby was stillborn. After that Janet's father started heavily drinking and never smiled since then. Janet bites her nails ever since that event had happened, and the family lots a lot of money from buying those now unneeded baby supplies. So, to lose less money, Janet's parents sent her to her Aunt and cousin.

Family: Father- Patrick O'Reilly

Mother- Una O'Reilly

Favorite Type of Music: Metal and a little bit of pop and RnB

Anything Else You forgot: She's dyslexic.


Full Name: Micheal Landon Kelly

Birthday/Age: September 1, 16

Personality: He's a goody-goody who will do anything for his friends. He's very smart and almost always does what he's told. He does have an occasional bad side, though.

Style/Appearance/Celeb Look Alike (Optional): Micheal has wavy black hair that goes just above his ears and tan skin with brown eyes. He's a little buff and about 5' 10" and 150 lbs. He likes wearing white t-shirts with sweats with the occasional blue jacket.

Likes/Dislikes: Likes- Outdoors, reading, photography, music, cats. Dislikes- Being bothered, people messing with his friends, mean people.

Fears: Dogs and his father.

Life Story: Micheal had a happy life with his family as an only child until his mother died in a bus crash when he was five. Micheal's father blamed his mother's death on him for no reason and made him do unfair work. Micheal's father also abuses him, usually when he's drunk, though. The only friend he has is the winning girl and was very lonely until she came back.

Family: Father- Zachary Kelly

Mother- Miranda Kelly (deceased)

Favorite Type of Music: Usually classic rock and roll.

Anything Else You forgot: No, Not really.

I hope I get in! BYE!
2/29/2012 c2 2VstavajSonce
Full Name: Liam O'Malley

Birthday/Age: November 23, 1994

Personality: Cheerful, the majority of the time. Somewhat intelligent, but very cocky. Over-confident about everything. Flirtacious with girls, friendly with boys. Likes to fight, and has no qualms with underage drinking- since he does it. A lot.

Style/Appearance/Celeb Look Alike (Optional): Wears what's comfortable (T-Shirts, jeans, sneakers, jumpers). Sandy brown hair and a freckled face, an almost permanent grin(reveals a chipped tooth- he flirted with one too many girls), green eyes. Very tall, about 6'3"

Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Cute girls, sleeping-in, holidays, skipping school, boxing, liquor. Dislikes: Being beaten in a fight, know-it-alls and naggers, most foreigners.

Fears: Dying young

Life Story: Being the bright boy he is, he was accepted into a prestigious private school- which he was promptly kicked out of for fighting. He got into a lot of fights as a child, hardly ever losing. Girls seemed to flock aroubd him, and while he enjoyed it- one girl stood out to him.(OC 1) When she comes back, he figures it as good a time as any to try his luck.

Family: Mum- Susan O'Malley; Dad- Seamus O'Mally

Favorite Type of Music: Everything- He isn't picky.

Anything Else You forgot: He believes in faeries and all of that hullabaloo. ;-)

Have fun~!
2/27/2012 c2 Brittney
Full Name: Brittney Lynn Jones

Birthday/Age: June 16th

Personality: Shy, but outgoing

Style/Appearance/Celeb Look Alike (Optional):Flowy tops, scarfs, skinny jeans, boots or gladiator sandals. Celeb Look alike- Shailene Woodley

Likes/Dislikes: Likes: Cuddling with her boyfriend, hanging out with friends, music, singing, playing her guitar, writing poetry, stories, and songs

Fears: Heights, spiders, fears of losing someone

Life Story: Brittney had a pretty normal life at home, but at school she was usually made fun of because she was mainly friends with boys, and never really associated with girls

Family: Mom-Jessica 35, Dad-Bob 37 Older Brother-Tommy 19 Little Sister-Jaclyn

Favorite Type of Music: Pop, rock, alternative, country/Pop-Taylor Swift

Anything Else You forgot:Hope you like
2/27/2012 c2 11loveslife804
Full Name: Joshua Micheal Simms(Josh)

Birthday/Age: May 16th

Personality: Sweet, outgoing but shy. Likes to laugh and have fun

Style/Appearance/Celeb Look Alike (Optional): The style and appearance for me are based off of my celeb look alike. Celeb Look alike-James Maslow

Likes/Dislikes: Likes:Traveling, chilling, music, hanging out with friends/girlfriend. Dislikes: When anyone talks about him or his friends in a bad way.

Fears: Heights, death

Life Story:Josh had a pretty normal life, when his old childhood friend comes back to Dublin he decides to make a move with her and become a couple with her. He's liked her since they were little. His older brother Matt died when Josh was 6 and Matt was 8, they were really close, and to this day Josh still has trouble with Matt's death.

Family:Mom-Melinda 35, Dad-Patrick 37,Older Brother-Matt 18(Deceased) Little Sister-Mary 12

Favorite Type of Music: Pop/Rock

Anything Else You forgot: Nope
2/27/2012 c2 For Agrippa's Sake
Full name: Marguerite Olivia Piers (Maggie for short)

Birthday/Age: September 13, 1995- which makes her 16

Personality: She's a pessimist as heart, and is a bit bitter with things like 'love'. She doesn't handle criticism or compliments well, and gets easily embarrassed by both. Known to over-anilize things, and she'll jump to the strangest conclusions. She's prone to the use of sarcasm, though sometimes not because she's in a foul mood, just to lighten things up. She's a bit bookish, as well, and likes to read everything from her school textbooks to fantasy novels.

Style/Appearance/Celeb Look Alike (Optional): She has curly, light brown hair that's cut slightly below her jaw, and steely grey eyes. Her face is sprinkled with freckles, but the rest of her skin is fairly pale. She likes wearing tight fitting clothes to show off whatever figure she has(32C bra-size, modest bum) She doesn't look much like any celebrity, unfortunately.

Likes/Dislikes: she likes daisies, or any kind of flower, and the smell of the ground after it rains makes her happy, she prefers rocky beaches to sandy ones, and wears adorable hairclips because her friend Mandie buys loads of them for no reason then gives them to her. She doesn't like feeling threatened, or being treated like a child, and what she gates most of all is being embarrassed in public.

Fears: being bitten by a poisonis spider; being kidnapped; being orphaned.

Life Story: Befriended by two of the oddest and most perpetually cheerful girls on the planet- Mandie and Danielle Baxter( IE the Baxter twins)- at a young age. Nothing exciting happenned until she was thirteen, and was nearly kidnapped by a creepy guy named Saul the Janitor (He cleans her school). Luckily for her, a 17 year old caught him trying to, and proceeded to call the cops and beat the janitor sensless; though she never saw him again, she regards him as her hero, even if she never learned his name. When she was fifteen, she dated a boy named Adam Wallace, but he died of some heart-related thing a year into their relationship, souring her opinion on relationships and life in general.

Family: Mum- Jessica Piers (Née [insert aunt's last name here])

Dad: Ian Piers

Sister:(Aged 18) Carlotta Piers [Very pretty and kind of a slag]

Brother:(Aged 12) Rory Piers II [A bit cute in a mousy kind of way- reserved and quiet]

Aunt(Dad's Side): (Aged 25) Olivia Piers [Loud and obnoxious, and very fond of her niece]

Uncle(Dad's side): (Deceased) Rory Piers I [Much like his namesake]

Favorite Type of music: Rock (Vague, I know. Maximo Park or the Bloodhound gang should do fine)

Anything else I forgot: She's never full-on kissed someone (A peck here or there, but never REALLY made out) and she's afraid of heights.

If I win, it should be called "Round and Round"

Have fun~! :-)

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