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for Dancing in the Dark

3/15/2012 c16 2HesMines
aha! Love it :D Love it :D You are awesome, and you have my eternal respect for actually finishing a fic! A feat I am yet to achieve haha But yeah, this is great...and the possible sequal is eeeeeeep :D
3/15/2012 c13 HesMines
D'aaaawwww! I love David here, I really do. You just wanna give him a hug! Tho I woulda loved to have got inside the regulars at the pubs heads...that woulda been interesting!

"He's been really quiet, I wonder what happened between him and Jo, he wont tell anyone..."

"What...the...hell happened to Jo. She's hammered. She completely gone. That's...thats not normal"

"Oh s**t she fell over! Please dont have hurt yourself...please dont have...david looks like he's about to collapse himself...oh wait, shes fine..." haha! :P
3/15/2012 c12 HesMines
aha I love this chapter! :D Seriously, its hilarious :D And I still love that last line...just saying :D
3/15/2012 c6 HesMines
Loving it, loving it, loving it! :D

only thing is...and I hate to be pedantic...but you forgot to change the first 'she' to amy :P (mind out wee convo in the comments about whether it was amy or becky haha) but yeah, this is awesome! :D I'm actually surprised I hang off this long before I reviewed :D

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