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for Butterflies and Cigarettes

2/28/2015 c1 ReadingBlueWolf
Oh my God. This was a roller coaster I didn't expect to get on. I had seen the last line as I scanned the story, but going back and reading it. The only thing I could utter was "What?!" I could not believe this. It was really well written. The only thing I saw was it said "I feel in love with". Did you mean fell or was I not understanding that correctly?

Anyway, I have so many emotions and I'm not sure what to think. I find that whole area of history quite sad to begin with. However, when it's shown that Germans and Jews were friends, like you showed, it makes it even worse. It really brings into thought how many people had to kill their friends in order to survive the onslaught? How do you cope with that? Can you cope with that? In any case, this was a fantastic story and I feel all the better for having read it. It is a very powerful piece.

2/9/2015 c1 2Narwhale
Please excuse me while I go punch a wall to regain my manliness back.

But this was beautifully written. I'm fond of stories like these, and I'm glad I came across this one! I had a feeling that the story would end the way it did, but I still kept reading to see what would happen. Nice imagery and excellent narrative! I don't have much to say except keep up the good work (thumbs up)
2/8/2015 c1 1JasmineRaven
Wow Georgy! I love this story! It's dark and tragic, but at the same it's beautiful.

I liked the way you weaved the flashbacks into the story, instead of just having it all at the beginning. It was interesting to see how the characters went from friends to lovers to complete strangers.

[Youth never thinks about race or colour.] Very true. That's one of the many great things about children. They are so innocent and non-judgemental. It's not until people start filling their heads with different beliefs and attitudes that they become judgemental. This sentence made me think of the movie 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' (it's about two young boys; one is German and the other is Jewish. Very sad movie).

[I couldn’t stand to lose my best friend to senseless violence.] Senseless violence is a perfect way to describe war.

[I feel Death’s hand touch my shoulder as the gun at my forehead goes off, and I fall back to the ground, taking a last gulp of breath. As people sob around me and Kurt walks off, I am somewhat confronted by the knowledge of the last thing I saw. It was a butterfly tattooed on the inside of his wrist.] I will admit, I was reading this last part, mentally begging him not to shoot, as if it would somehow change what you’d written. Although it’s tragically sad, I do like the way you’ve ended the story. The butterfly tattoo leaves a lot open for audience interpretation. Deep down, did he still love her? Would he regret what he did? Had he really allowed the Nazis to change his view of Jew entirely?

The only error I came across was in the second last paragraph where it says “the Nazis have harden his heart” which I thought should be “the Nazis have hardened his heart”. But apart from that, I didn’t come across any other spelling, grammar or punctuation errors.

Overall, I think this is an extremely well-written story. I absolutely loved it and I am so one hundred per cent jealous of your incredible writing talent. I hope someday I can write stories as good as this.

Well done! Keep up the amazing writing!

2/1/2015 c1 7mwac
Holy sh- this is one powerful freaking piece. Gosh! What a rollercoaster of emotions I just went through. So well written, so well told. I could feel her heartbreak, I could feel how it must've felt to look into the eyes of the boy she once loved, and not see that love reciprocated anymore.

The shot at the end being the final straw, gosh. It's almost like it should've happened really, him being the one to end the pain. I like to think he knew what she might continue to go through, and couldn't stand it, and had to end it then for her.

I'm still reeling after this. Georgy, once again, you completely slay me.
8/22/2014 c1 7VortexHatter
Hello! Ohmy...I am supposed to be sleeping...4 a.m...but I was lurking around, checking around the forum, reading people fanfics. I saw you...thought I would explore...I found this...Ohmy...this made me cry. *sniffles* Decided I would give it a review. I don't usually read original stories based during a war but I am giving you a review anyway. :)

You wrote this wonderfully. The way you describe what she was going through, the horrors of the war. I really like how through everything she still loved him.
This was incredible dark and sad. It actually gave me shivers.

Ah how naive youth is sometimes...their obliviousness to everything was refreshing... How they were friends was wonderful. And the butterflies was a great touch.

After I read the ending...I dropped my phone and started crying. Lol. That probably sounds weird. But I did and this story was such a tragedy. Dark, tragic, and sadly...true to history. :\ And you wrote this together in beautiful combination. You did great. :)
Keep writing!
Vortex. :)


'resembles the boy I feel in love'...Just a tiny thing. You wrote 'feel' did you mean 'fell'?
4/4/2012 c1 SF
Creative and very haunting. Beautifully well written. And dark, very dark. But sometimes those are the best stories.
3/20/2012 c1 DrippingRubies
its funny this is here because we just started the world war 2 unit in school.this story made my heart hurt. it dosent end happy like most stories do. but i dont think this one shot could have ended any diffrent.

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