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2/28/2013 c1 Mohasmed karem
Nam of God

The Syrian pilot said that the earth is fixed Yemeni researcher proofs sun & moon are moving every day but earth it moves in a year but 40 proof)

Dears :-The best Greeting from Yemen to every one, We are in era of science and technology, the old theory was before air flight
(1) Satellites: its strength is limited so it did not find Saddam or triangle Bermuda secrets, The photos from moon, according to the law of light will be
(3).My theory have 3 kinds of proofs :_ . the new law and other proofs below ;_
(a)20 proofs the earth does not move every ay :-
IF it moves every day the poles of the earth will be change, the distance between airports, , passenger , will wait, on the air in helicopter plane then jump to any country Instead of traveling., , We will move our dishes / we will see new stars every hour & it so does not happen six month night in Spyri , if so rain will move from garden to other, we will see one shadow …. etc
(b)10 proofs :- the sun & moon are moving every day
Night & day happened - we see , wee see six types of shadow, right lift / short &long , sun appear every day from window in Jmdan palace & Arrow Jomdan place , pyramids are not circle. every star has its own temperature according to its distant from sun …. tc,
( c) 10 proofs:- the earth & some moon move in a year not every day
;- six month night and six other day happen in Spyri , four seasons happen there is no problem … etc
* I thank sun has 360 orbit …
The best greeting for the Syrian pilot , Also with by best greeting to USA president Mr.: Obama who reduced NASA budget , and provide the midcult insurance for all people .
Notice (1) technology, the old theory was before air flight ( 500 year old) it has one proof
(c)(4) In spit of I have got nominating for the theory , But I am Honor to put it in front you For any Notice .
The ruler in this theory:- 50% for brine & Koran 50% for pilots , Physics and Geographic . this theory my theory publish in Yemen10,/2007 by 10 then 20 now 40 proofs .
(2) I have 4 discovery in UK patent I get support : search in Google Mohamed alagbary ) amendment of blood circulation ( add head )

Best regard from Yemen : Mr:Mohamed Abdulkarem Agbary , Yemen –Taiz .post office 4729 – T(elon009764215143) ( mobile : 771457400) ( or , mohamd .)
11/16/2012 c1 6Ed Harley
I just hope there’s some universe where Twinkies still exist.
4/2/2012 c1 Rogue Energizer Bunny
Your PMing is disabled, in case you didn't know. Thanks for reviewing me, I realized yesterday you've reviewed a ton of my stories and I haven't reviewed any of yours, and you probably didn't know why. Haven't reviewed any of your stories coz last time I checked, you only had poetry, and I don't read poetry so... yeah. But I figured I should probably find time to review anyway.

This is interesting. I'm not sure about your arguement about multiple dimensions, (I mean can you prove it?) so IDK if that works to drive the message home. I like what you said about not having a past/present/future, but if they were to meet couldn't they be more than one? Why would they have to be one/the other or none? What do I even know.

Guess I just like to argue about crap like this. Cheers!


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