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10/17/2012 c29 1PrincessD8
I HATE that Brooke girl. Ugh! But, I'm happy that she said that he had a look when he mentioned Crys. That's awesome! :-)
10/17/2012 c28 PrincessD8
I'm sooo happy that he moved! OMG I'm so relieved!
10/17/2012 c27 PrincessD8
Holy shit! At first, I didn't think she actually had the abortion. Like, when she first came out of the clinic. But then I second guessed myself because of the conversation she had with Jake and Jennifer. Holy shit! I can't believe I was right! Oh my god I love you for doing that!
10/17/2012 c26 PrincessD8
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He stopped breathing? But wait, she didn't say he was dead. Did he pull through? OMG reading on right now!
10/17/2012 c25 PrincessD8
Oh my god. This was definitely one of the more intense chapters of the story. Bravo on making me tear up again. :-)
10/17/2012 c24 PrincessD8
This is torture, you're right! Oh my god, I think I'm about to stroke out. LOL. :-P
10/17/2012 c57 Guest
I've been reading stories on this site for four years and never, ever commented on a story.
but your story truly struck a cord with me. I've had not one, but two abortions in my twenty years of life, and watching both Crystal and Jake was strongly reminiscent of my past. You did an outstanding job of encompassing the pain that abortion can cause, and I sincerely hope you didn't write that pain from experience.
10/17/2012 c23 PrincessD8
I loved the part where Jennifer said something like... "he has a voice that can melt panties off..." LOL. That was hilarious! I swear, I laughed for like 5 minutes. She's really funny and I love her sex jokes. :-P
10/17/2012 c22 PrincessD8
I'm so happy you brought him back! I'm also very happy that Crystal's parents are letting her take that year off. :-)
10/17/2012 c21 PrincessD8
Okay, I officially love Jennifer. She's hilarious! :-) Also, I love how Jennifer brought up Jake looking at Crystal when they were in High School. That was cute! :-)
10/17/2012 c20 PrincessD8
I like Jennifer so far. Can't wait to see more of her. I still really really miss Jake though. I'm sitting here, glued to my computer, until he shows up again! :-)
10/17/2012 c19 PrincessD8
Oh my god. I think I'm really on the verge of balling. This was so sad. It was almost bittersweet to watch one of my favorite characters leave and my other favorite character become heartbroken in just a short time. You are an incredible writer. There are very few writers out there who can make me so emotional, and you my friend, did the job. Wonderful chapter. I'm happy that you said that the Crystal/Jake storyline isn't finished. I don't think I could bare to read more, if it were. This is an amazing story and I am so glad that I decided to start reading it!
10/17/2012 c18 PrincessD8
I love Jake more and more! I'm frickin crying right now. The decision that they made was one I had to consider a little while back, but I chose differently. That's probably why this chapter really got to me. Wonderful writing!
10/16/2012 c14 PrincessD8
I KNEW IT! I knew after the first time that they had sex and she had said that she felt him unload into her... or however she said it... that she would end up pregers! AWESOME! :-)
10/16/2012 c13 PrincessD8
This was definitely my favorite chapter. She's sad because she loves him! That has to be it. Oh my god, I can't believe that sweet, tender, beautiful time was a dream! I'm like heartbroken over here! :-/
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