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1/1/2015 c42 Fanaserie
Crys please do something
1/1/2015 c41 Fanaserie
Is Crys serious! Jake deserves to get to know his son. At least i'm glad that marcus is going to do something about richard
1/1/2015 c39 Guest
Ok now she's having feelings for another Man. I don't undurstand her
1/1/2015 c36 Guest
She's not hiding her pregnancy because she's scrared of ruining jake's life, but because she's afraid that he would stay with her just because of the baby
1/1/2015 c35 Fanaserie
Crys stop being selfish and tell him the truth
1/1/2015 c34 Fanaserie
The fact that Crys is not willing to tell the truth to jake about the pregnancy is really getting on my nerves
1/1/2015 c30 Fanaserie
Now Crys you need to tell him the truth
1/1/2015 c28 Fanaserie
I hope she will tell him the truth when he'll wake up
1/1/2015 c18 Fanaserie
They are not sure about their choice wich mean that They should wait
1/1/2015 c16 Fanaserie
They need to calm down and take more time to think about their options
1/1/2015 c13 Fanaserie
Her dream is a sign now she needs to do something about it
1/1/2015 c12 Fanaserie
Crystal may not need to tell jake to stay but she has to tell him how she feels about him
1/1/2015 c11 Fanserie
Crys should try to talk about her feeling
1/1/2015 c10 Fanaserie
I am rereading your storie, it really deserve more reviews
11/26/2014 c58 Fawn
This story makes me so happy. :) I am so glad that I rediscovered it. Just know that your stories continue to be loved and cherished.
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